Hungry Alligator Stops By Florida Publix For A ‘Pub Sub’

You never quite know when you are going to be in the mood for a snack and when the feeling hits, you will go out of your way to fill the need.

That is true of us as humans, but it also seems to be true in the animal kingdom and we have a hungry alligator to prove it.

The Pinellas Park Police Department was recently sent out to investigate a situation after someone called 911. As they shared on Facebook, when officers rolled up on the scene near a Publix supermarket at the corner of 49th and Park Blvd, they were met by the perpetrator.

According to Fox Weather, Lt. Roxanne Pohl was one of the first on the scene and she described what happened. There was an alligator that was, at the time, walking along the sidewalk and seemed to be obeying all traffic laws.

Photo: Facebook/Pinellas Park Police Department

The gator then took a turn into the Publix parking lot. Lt. Pohl feels it was in an effort to pick up a Pub Sub, but she admits that is only speculation.

Before long, the alligator was caught and relocated with the help of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. Nobody (including the alligator) was injured during the capture and transfer.

Photo: Facebook/Pinellas Park Police Department

This may seem unusual to many but in Florida, it is just business as usual. Millions of gators call the state home and typically, they confine themselves to marshes, ponds, and swamps.

This gator just seemed to have something else on his mind and he’ll have to wait for another day to fill his craving for a hoagie.

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