With Your Help, We’re Restoring Pollinator Habitat in the Florida Panhandle

Bees are essential to crop production in the United States. Currently, more than 90 crops rely on bee pollination, and about a third of the food we eat is made possible specifically due to honey bee pollination. That includes apples, broccoli, pumpkins, and almonds. However, bee populations continue to decline, due largely to a loss of food. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to help address this issue with flower planting. One of the more recent projects was in the Florida panhandle, where bee habitat and food were heavily impacted by the 2018 storm Hurricane Michael.


Greater Good Charities teamed up with Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida, to help plant wildflower seeds on their new 100-acre facility to aid in bee survival. In addition to helping area pollinators, the goal was also to help restore the ecosystem. Reporting back after the planting, the refuge said it has helped bring more color and nature to the refuge. It’s also been a boon to their native bees and other pollinators.


The refuge says, “Thank you for choosing Alaqua Animal Refuge to be the beneficiary of the Wildflower seed grant! We are enjoying the beauty of nature as we witness these seeds sprouting and bringing extra color and life to our property. We appreciate your generous donation and hope you know what a blessing it is to be part of saving the bees in our area.”


Thanks in part to your donations, clicks, and shopping for a cause, the refuge estimates that the project could help up to a thousand insects and animals. In the meantime, staff has also been enjoying seeing which new flowers bloom.

Work like this helps address damages to, or loss of, pollinator habitat, which can be caused by natural disasters like Hurricane Michael or floods, fires, and drought. We plan to continue to tackle these projects, to benefit pollinators in need, and by extension, people and the planet. If you’re interested in helping, click below!

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