Man’s Dog Pees In His Apartment Occasionally, And Now His Girlfriend Wants To Get Rid Of It

Typically, stories that are crossposted in the AmITheDevil subreddit are from the AmITheA*hole subreddit. We have a story that got crossposted from the Ask subreddit this time, surprisingly enough.

You may be wondering how a simple question can end up in AITD. Well, it involves a pet and a girlfriend’s questionable behavior toward it.

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“My gf pretended to like my dog… till she moved in, what should I do?”

Pretending to like a dog? Impossible!

But apparently, it is. Because OP wrote that he feels like his girlfriend resents his dog.

After moving in, OP’s girlfriend started jokingly saying that the dog should go away forever, or that they should take the dog to the pound or desert. All said in a “playful” manner, according to OP.

(I don’t know what I’d feel if my significant other joked about something like this honestly.)

OP added, to give context for readers, perhaps, that his dog can be “a little shite” at times but is overall a good dog who’s very low maintenance and chill but does have a habit of peeing inside their apartment every once in a while.

“I feel she resents him because she can’t keep her cat with us, and I feel she takes it out on him. She is nice enough to feed him in the mornings and buys him clothes sometimes.”

PHOTO: Unsplash/Tamara Bellis

Talk about hot and cold, am I right?

If we think about this positively, maybe the girlfriend’s just got a weird sense of humor? Hopefully, that’s the case.

For those asking about the girlfriend’s cat, OP added in an edit that the cat is used to living with the girlfriend’s parents, where it’s free to roam around the neighborhood. Since the couple lives on the third floor in a busy city, they were afraid for the cat’s safety. If those weren’t an issue, OP said that he wouldn’t mind having the cat in the apartment with them.

There isn’t enough information to really justify this post being in the AmITheDevil subreddit, but I guess bad jokes against an innocent dogs are enough to rile people up.

The original post can be seen below.

My gf pretended to like my dog… till she moved in, what should I do?
by u/steelholder in ask

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