In-Laws Guilt-Trip Woman For Cancelling A Very Expensive Wedding Gift

Is it selfish or insensitive for someone to cancel a gift for a wedding that got called off already?

I mean, you bought something off of a wedding registry but the wedding got cancelled, so shouldn’t it be fair to cancel the wedding gift as well?

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This is the dilemma that one Redditor is currently facing. To start her story, OP wrote that her husband’s sister was to be married in September, and she happened to choose an item from the registry that was weirdly detailed, according to her. She even called her sister-in-law to confirm that what she’s gifting is the one that the newlyweds needed, so the SIL knew what OP was planning to gift her.

But now that the SIL and her fiancé have broken up, OP’s gift, fortunately, hadn’t been shipped yet, so OP cancelled it. Totally understandable. What’s the use of a wedding gift if there is no wedding, right?

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Well, the sister-in-law assumed otherwise. The SIL reached out to OP to ask her about the gift, expressing her concern over the assumed delivery and how it may have been stolen since she wasn’t able to receive it yet. OP told her that she had cancelled the gift, and now the SIL is upset.

The mother-in-law also called OP and told her that it was unkind of her to cancel the gift. She said that OP might as well have given the gift since the SIL was going through a rough time and the holidays are approaching.

OP understands that her sister-in-law is going through difficult times, but she reasons that the gift was $700 and that it was well above her usual threshold for a holiday gift. But now that she’s been called out by her in-laws, she’s wondering if she’s being an a-hole for cancelling her gift.

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Reddit says that OP isn’t the a-hole in this situation. Since the wedding is cancelled, it’s only fair that the wedding gift is also cancelled.

And as the top commenter said, “When a wedding is cancelled, it would only be polite for the bride and groom to return the wedding gifts. That’s the norm.” And under this comment is another user that wonders, “Is a gift really going to soothe the jilted bride? NTA!!”

OP really shouldn’t feel guilty about cancelling her gift. She was already generous enough to get a gift worth $700, and it’s really just unfortunate that the wedding fell through. Now the in-laws are being materialistic since both the SIL and MIL teamed up to guilt-trip the OP.

Anyway, here’s the original post below if you wanna read more of the comments!

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