Woman Gets Mad Because Her Fiancé Is Being A Good Person

Would you classify someone else’s kids as a nuisance? Sure, there can be those random rascals in your neighborhood who might be a little too noisy on some days, but what if the kids are your significant other’s children?

I’m not talking about teenagers, by the way. Our story for today features two little children, ages 11 and 7, and they’re the cause of this person’s current dilemma.

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Last week, a Redditor posted on the AITA subreddit to ask if she’s an a-hole for doing something about what her fiancé did together with his kids.

So OP’s fiancé is a divorcee and shares custody of his children with his ex-wife. As I’ve mentioned earlier, both children are young, and they can’t really be left alone. But now they’re being treated as a problem by OP.

The problem is the kids are just being kids and have no power over what happens to them or their circumstances. Alright, enough about the innocent kids.

The real argument in this story is between OP and her fiancé, because they have been planning to go on a vacation, with OP planning and taking care of the reservation and payment with their supposed 3-day vacation.

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Unfortunately, 2 days before their vacation, the children’s mom got into an accident that left her with a broken leg and unable to take care of the kids properly. And like any responsible dad, any human really, OP’s fiancé took in his kids. Here’s where OP lost it.

The fiancé tried to argue that bringing the kids with them on their vacation would be alright, or they could just postpone it entirely. OP didn’t like that and told her fiancé that he ruined their vacation the moment he decided to take care of his kids.

“I ended up going to stay with my friend after that. He’s upset with my reaction, saying I’m judging him by his circumstance and making him feel bad for wanting to make sure his kids were taken care of,” OP wrote.

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Probably in response to the comments section, OP added that this wasn’t the first time her fiancé prioritized his kids, and it had caused OP to cancel a lot of her plans, cost her a lot of money, and a lot of her time as well.

Personally, I think that there’s clearly no argument about whether OP is the a-hole or not. And as the top comments say, OP’s fiancé is a parent first. Lots of them also suggest that OP find another person to date, preferably someone without kids, to avoid another “inconvenience” for OP’s plan.

And as another person questioned, “Why are you engaged to someone with kids If you don’t expect him to be a parent?”


Check out the original post below and peep the awards that the Redditors gave OP!

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