Son Tells His Mom Off, And Now He’s Getting His Bedroom Door Removed

Everyone likes peace and quiet. Silence can be suspicious with kids around, but it’s still a welcome sound in the house for people with children as long as they’re behaving.

Because the moment you have little ones running around in your house, a quiet day in the house will become a precious commodity. As they grow older, things will begin to change and you’d be able to regain a little bit more silence in the household.

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But it all depends on the child’s personality or their hobbies. Some people just grow up quiet and some don’t.

Now imagine having two teenagers in the house. Assuming that they’re both already minding their own businesses, that kind of household can be relatively calm.

But not for this Redditor.

“AITA for removing the door to my son’s room indefinitely?”

OP wrote that her husband and daughter were out of the house when something happened with her son. Nothing really bad happened, but she had to (unintentionally) break his door down to get to her son.

OP was just making lunch that day when she heard a very loud sound coming from somewhere inside the house. She made her way to her son’s room from the kitchen, checking every other door on the way to make sure nothing had fallen, and finally knocked on her son’s door to check on him.

No answer.

She called out her son’s name multiple times. Still no answer.

Freaking out over her son’s unresponsiveness, OP did what any mother would do. She threw herself at the door and broke it.

“I have no idea how I did it. I just threw myself the door, and it broke. Now, clearly, the door was already weak (I’m thinking termites?), but yeah, it broke,” OP wrote.

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Lo and behold, OP sees her son chilling in his room and watching TV.

So no, there were no accidents and no hurt son. What OP’s son said must’ve hurt though.

“His words were, ‘You were screaming like a harpy, and it was annoying, I was trying to watch the movie. Fix the door,’” OP wrote.

I personally have no words for this kind of behavior. For a son, who’s already 16 by the way, to call his mom annoying and demand to get his door fixed is what’s annoying to me.

Anyway, OP responded to her son by saying that he won’t be getting a new door and that his dad would remove the door properly once he got home.

And this pissed the son off. He told OP that it was his right to have a door and that he deserved privacy.

OP replied that she may have broken his door, but it was only a consequence of his actions. “If he wanted a door, he would have to buy it (I know he doesn’t have the money for it right now). Until then, no door. He can change in the bathroom,” she said.

The son said “f* you” to his mom. Now the son is rightfully grounded.

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With the amount of disrespect here, I can easily say that OP’s NTA. Yes, doors are important for privacy, but so is your mom’s sanity. And so is respect.

Other Redditors say so as well. But they also offer another solution for OP’s problem, commenting that OP can replace the door (one with no locks) but remove the TV from the son’s room instead. Most people agreed with this comment since it still gives the son a safe space in the house, and removing the TV is punishment enough for now.

What do you think? Check out the original post below.

AITA for removing the door to my son’s room indefinitely?
by u/throwawaysonsdoor in AmItheAsshole

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