Teen’s Irresponsible Adult Sister Stole And Wrecked A Car, But The Parents Don’t Care

In today’s episode of Am I The A-hole, we will see how two people were raised by the same parents but with clear differences in how they grew up.

“AITA for making my parents choose between my sister going to jail or replacing my car with their vacation money?”

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This story was posted by the younger sibling, only 17 years old at the time of her posting, that had a sister who was 12 years older than her.

OP said her parents had her sister when they were still teens and admitted that they didn’t do a great job raising her sister. In her own words, OP wrote that her sister has a lot of problems, is chronically unemployed, and is a thief.

Their family lives in one house along with OP’s sister’s two children. They get along well, but OP does mention that the kids are spoiled. With so many people in the house, you’d expect minimal privacy, but OP gets almost none, as she isn’t allowed to put a lock on her door.

“My parents won’t let me put a lock on my door because it is their house and they don’t want that,” OP wrote.

She said that she talked to the kids and that they aren’t allowed to go in her room without permission – they have an understanding.

The real trouble began when OP’s sister broke up with her boyfriend and had to move back to their parents’ house. OP begged her parents not to let the sister stay with them, and when the parents still let her sister stay, OP went to plan B, which was to beg to get a lock for her door. But again, the parents refused to allow OP to get a lock.

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Soon after the sister moved back in, OP came home from school one day and found her car “absolutely trashed and the side of it destroyed.”

Apparently, her sister went into OP’s room, swiped her spare keys, and used her car without permission and care.

“When I saw my car, I was livid. I told my parents that I expected her to pay to fix it. They said she didn’t have any money. So I said that I would call my grandparents. They had helped me get the car and insurance,” OP wrote.

Thankfully, the insurance would cover the expenses of fixing or even replacing OP’s car. But the insurance requires OP to file a police report, thus making her sister possibly face charges for stealing a car.

The parents then told OP to say that the sister had permission to use the car, and OP rightfully declined.

Either their parents really love the eldest child, or they’re just enablers at this point because they chose to replace OP’s car themselves instead.

But, again, OP’s still at a loss here, because the parents would be using the money that they set aside to take OP and her nieces for a trip next summer as a graduation gift. OP wrote that she’s fine with that, but she’s being antagonized about the whole situation by the family.

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“My parents, sister, and nieces are upset with me and saying that I’m an asshole for denying my nieces the opportunity to go on a vacation that they have never had,” OP wrote and added, “I just asked them if a lock for my door would have been cheaper.”

For those who asked how OP knew what her sister did, OP answered that she set up a security cam in her room and said that it was better than a lock in this case. She has solid evidence that if she chose to file a police report like her grandfather suggested, her sister would for sure go to jail.

OP is just 17, so maybe her parents think she’d be soft toward her sister. But a criminal is a criminal. It seems like the only people on OP’s side are the grandmother and grandfather in this case, and now Redditors as well.

It’s clear that OP’s NTA and the family should learn about accountability.

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AITA for making my parents choose between my sister going to jail or replacing my car with their vacation money.
by u/Spirited_Boat_6380 in AmItheAsshole

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