Ignorant And Impulsive Couple Decided To Adopt A Cat Despite Previous Agreement with Roommate

Simple roommate disputes can easily be solved with a little bit of talking.

Living in a shared space should be relatively peaceful as long as those involved are open to communicating. Boundaries should always be respected, and that respect also extends to any pet that lives in the same space as you.

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One Redditor shared her situation with her roommate, who had an old cat living with them already. The problem started when she and her partner decided to adopt a kitten.

We’ve seen our fair share of siblings fighting, but what would you do if the pets were the ones fighting? Pets can’t really understand us if we scold them, sadly. So how can you control them if they’re constantly fighting each other?

Well, this Redditor’s solution was to ask her roommate to keep her cat in her bedroom.

The people involved in this story have been roommates for 2 years now, and there has never been an issue between them. But OP mentioned that her roommate’s cat is mean and refuses to be petted or picked up, so they just tend to avoid each other.

Now OP’s roomie did ask the couple if they had any cats before they moved in, since her elderly cat didn’t like other cats. They had none before all this, so there was no problem then. But the roomie did say that they would revisit the issue if OP ever wanted a cat.

Back to the present! The couple now wanted a cat, so they decided to adopt a kitten they fell in love with at a shelter.

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They talked to their landlord about it and got the okay. But they didn’t talk to their roommate.

“Our roommate is furious with us. She told us that we were aware that her cat doesn’t like other cats,” OP wrote.

OP felt that it was unfair that they had to “tiptoe around” the elderly cat and that everyone had to cater to the cat’s needs 24/7. The roomie did say that her cat didn’t like other cats and now, with the newest addition to their apartment, OP said that the elderly cat has become pretty aggressive.

“I personally think that if her cat is so aggressive and uncomfortable, it’s her responsibility to live alone,” OP said.

So what’s Reddit’s verdict? OP is the a-hole.

Based on everything she shared, the roomie was open to them getting a cat when they first moved in. The story would probably have a different ending if only the OP talked to the roommate before getting a cat. Pet introductions can be tricky, and it needs to be done slowly, more so if the other pet is a senior one. How would you feel if you suddenly woke up one morning and another roommate came in and invaded your space?

Other Redditors pointed out that the older cat was living in their apartment first and that the roommate did warn them that her cat didn’t like other cats.

“Instead of having any kind of conversation, you just brought home a kitten and now expect an elderly cat to be confined to one room for the rest of his life,” one Redditor wrote.

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Since posting, the OP has added quite a lot of updates.

She acknowledges that she’s the AH in this situation. “The comments have really helped me to understand that my roommate’s cat is just acting… well, like a cat! I am willing to admit I was ignorant and impulsive,” she wrote.

They all talked properly, apologies were made, and they made plans for a proper introduction between the two cats. For now, the kitten will be staying in OP’s room.

“She also taught me a little bit about cat body language, and guys…her cat came and sat in my lap! She even purred! My roommate is a very kind and forgiving person, and I’m very thankful that she chose to forgive me after I was such a huge AH to her.”

Ah! Finally, a proper and happy ending to an AITA post! Let’s hope we get more of these in the future.

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AITA for asking my roommate to keep her cat in her bedroom?
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