Eldest Daughter Scams The Internet After Her Father Refused To Pay For Her Plane Ticket

Is this story going to be a case of favoritism, or is this just a good old case of a whining entitled child?

“AITA for refusing to pay for my daughter’s plane ticket but paying for my youngest daughter, whom this vacation is dedicated to?”

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The title makes it look like a favoritism issue, right? But the problem here is definitely far from it.

OP has two daughters; his elder is Kate (23), and the younger is Alexa (16).

Kate used to live with her mom but was kicked out when she was 18. She now lives with OP completely free from paying any rent and bills. OP didn’t really say why Kate was kicked out of her previous home, but he did insinuate that Kate isn’t really the best kid around.

“Kate was absolutely terrible in her teenage years. She was rude, disrespectful, and would steal, smoke, skip class, etc.”

Even though Kate isn’t paying any rent/bills, she still works to save money to get her own apartment. (Let me just say that even though OP isn’t asking his daughter for rent, maybe the daughter could at least help pay for some things in the house. I’d feel kinda guilty if I were Kate, but maybe that’s just me.)

Now the youngest daughter, Alexa, is the opposite of Kate. OP wrote that she excels in school and in other extracurricular activities, so he and his girlfriend decided to surprise Alexa with a vacation. Apparently, the place that they’re going to is Alexa’s dream vacation.

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OP talked to Kate about their vacation plans and asked if she wanted to come, with the condition that she pays for her own ticket. Kate agreed and said that she would give them the money soon. A few days passed, but Kate never gave them money, even after being reminded about it.

OP booked the trip and told the family about it. Alexa is obviously excited about it. Kate is not.

“You’ll have to cancel and hope they refund. I work those days,” said Kate to OP.

Kate didn’t pay OP though, and she probably wasn’t going in the first place. Apparently, Kate thought that OP should pay for her ticket.

“I told her that she was an adult who worked and lived free, why would I pay?” OP wrote.

Totally fair.

Kate thought it was unfair since OP was going to pay for Alexa’s ticket. They argued, both daughters ended up crying, and Kate told OP that she hated him.

After their argument, Kate has been ignoring everyone in the house until she gets an apology and her ticket. OP said he was not going to do that.

A few days later, Alexa sent OP a link to a TikTok video that shows Kate crying and explaining her family situation. And in true TikTok fashion, Kate lied about things and twisted the story to make everyone but her look like the bad guys. Unfortunately, the embellished video gained a bit of popularity.

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Kate may be a problematic child, but she took this opportunity to earn money. She opened up a GoFundMe and got around $500 to pay for her ticket.

“I showed my girlfriend, and we were both livid, Alexa was also very upset about the comments, which fueled my anger. When [Kate] came home, a huge argument broke out, and I basically kicked her out for the week,” OP wrote.

(Okay. After doing all of that, Kate was only kicked out for a week?! OP is too forgiving…)

Again, Kate took this opportunity to rant more online. Alexa ended up getting unnecessary hate from random people because of it.

There are no updates to this, but OP has replied to a lot of comments under his post.

To clear up some things, OP clarifies that he wasn’t only refusing to pay for Kate’s plane ticket. He invited his girlfriend, but he wasn’t going to pay for her ticket either. OP was only going to pay for his minor daughter in this case.

As for why Kate was kicked out of her mother’s home, OP only said, “A violent incident happened, and her mother couldn’t take it, so she kicked her out at 18.”

Some people are thinking that this is just favoritism, but the majority sided with OP and labeled him as NTA.

Kate is obviously a working adult. Alexa is just 16 and couldn’t possibly pay for her own ticket. Kate manipulated people into giving her money, which is a crime btw.

Anyway! Read the original post below and tell us what you think!

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