Employers Furious After Nanny Didn’t Reply To Their Text

It’s employee versus employer for this article today, folks.

The Reddit post for this one is written by the employee, and they’re asking the most important internet question lately, “am I the a*hole?”

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OP, a 25-year-old female, is a full-time nanny for a family. Unfortunately, she came down with a nasty cold over one weekend, so she informed her employers that she won’t be able to work on Monday since she is sick.

Come Monday, around 8 in the evening, the employers texted OP to ask if she’s going to be able to work the next day. OP didn’t reply. According to her, “I did not reply, as I was in bed, tired, and sick, and it was not during business hours (for reference, I normally work 9am to 6pm).”

Now on Tuesday morning, around 9 AM, the OP finally replied that she wasn’t going to be able to work. The family wasn’t happy that OP took too long to reply, but OP reminded them that she was sick and added that she didn’t like answering texts outside of business hours.

The family wasn’t happy before, but now they’re just pissed. OP wrote that they said that they understand that it can be a pain to deal with work outside of business hours. The family only texted her because they needed to know about Tuesday in order to secure a backup plan in case OP is still sick and unable to come in to work.

But according to OP, her employers should’ve texted her during her working hours and not 8 PM the night before. From how she worded the last statement, I think that she feels pretty confident that she’s not the a-hole.

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Although OP did provide her explanation for why she thinks she’s not an a-hole, she admits that she didn’t reply to her employers until the next day and that she understands that they needed her. Yet she still ends her explanation by saying that “really they should have figured this out like half a day in advance.”

Reddit, however, labeled OP as the a-hole.

The top comment, and the replies under it, provide the best explanation or argument about why OP is the a-hole. The top comment said, “You waited until you were already supposed to be at work before calling in sick? In any job, that would be considered unacceptable, and in childcare doubly so. YTA.”

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