Disrespectful Sister Gets Kicked Out Of The House For Getting Mad Over A Single Framed Photo

I am tempted to use Nickelback’s Photograph meme here, but this story isn’t lighthearted.

With over 11k upvotes and tons of awards given to it, a Redditor posted about how she handled a situation when her sister confronted her about a certain photo in their house.

“AITA for kicking my sister out over a photo of my husband’s first wife?”

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As you can tell from the title, OP is the second wife of her husband. The husband’s first wife, unfortunately, died in a car accident. OP got married to him 2 years after the accident, and she and her husband had been together for 6 years by the time she posted her story on Reddit.

“He was devastated when she died. I told him I never expected to ‘replace’ her in any way & considered myself another chapter in his life. I was warmly accepted into the family and his circle of friends,” OP wrote.

Now here comes OP’s sister, who fell on hard times recently. OP and her husband kindly took her in since she lost her job and her apartment.

You’d think that OP’s sister would be respectful in their home, but that wasn’t the case.

OP wrote that her sister was poking around their house and one day discovered a particular photo in her husband’s home office while her husband was out.

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Note that, out of all the other photos in the house, that particular photo is the only one that the husband has of him and his first wife.

“It’s the only printed photo of her in the house, taken a few months before her accident. They didn’t have kids, so pics are all he has,” OP wrote.

So, as OP was casually reading on their couch, her sister came barging into the room, holding the framed photo in her hands, and angrily asked OP, “Why do you let him keep a photo of his ex in your house?”

OP calmly replied, “First, it’s our house, & second, she’s not an ex. She died in an accident and was his wife for 8 years. She was a huge part of his life. He keeps that one photo out.”

OP’s sister insists that the wife is an ex because “an ex is anyone you’ve slept with who’s not in the picture anymore.”

The sister kept on arguing and demeaning the first wife, and I refuse to type out the things that she said during the argument.

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Even though OP never got to meet her husband’s first wife, she knows and respects the relationship that her husband had with his first wife. OP is also secure in her relationship with him, so she didn’t appreciate the way that her sister was behaving at that time.

“Get your crap and leave,” OP finally said to her sister. “She had been beyond disrespectful to me and my husband, over a single small photo,” she wrote.

OP’s sister was gone before her husband got home. OP told him what happened, and the husband was thankful to OP for having his back.

When their mother heard about what happened to the sisters, she called OP to say that it was OP’s responsibility to take care of her sister. OP only laughed and hung up. (Honestly, deserved.)

As any sane person would say OP is not the a-hole here.

She welcomed her sister into their home, only for the sister to flip out and be rude to OP, her husband, and her husband’s first wife, who did absolutely nothing wrong.

As the top commenter said, “You did exactly the right thing, and I can only hope that whoever loves my fiance in the future will respect my memory as much as you respect your husband’s first wife’s.”

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