Woman Kicks Out Nephew For Pulling A Potentially Deadly Prank On Her Husband

Pranks are something that can usually be fun and laughed at by the people involved at the end of it. But how and when do you know the limits of your prank have gone over the line?

One young boy paid the price for pranking his aunt and uncle, and it cost him his home.

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One Reddit user posted the story of how her nephew caused chaos in their home by pranking her sick husband, and she’s wondering if she’s an a-hole for reacting the way that she did.

OP has a sister who is 9 years older than her, is battling cancer, and is a single mom to a 16-year-old boy. They were asked to take their nephew in to give him some sort of stability and help him focus on his studies while OP’s sister gets treated. And I think that should be enough to give the boy a sense of gratitude and responsibility to behave, right?

But I guess “boys will be boys,” and with him being 16 years old, he probably can’t help being mischievous, even towards his uncle, who has asthma. And the boy’s choice of mischief is pranking his uncle by hiding his inhaler.

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So OP’s husband needs his inhaler throughout the day, and whenever their nephew hides the husband’s inhaler, everyone panics. OP wrote that the nephew gives back the inhaler as soon as the panic happens, but it has happened twice before.

The prank happened again recently while OP was at work. Her husband called her panicking that his inhaler was lost once again. OP, probably used to her nephew’s antics by now, asked the husband if he checked with their nephew, and OP wrote, “but he doubted it, since my nephew would give it back instantly after we panic.”

With no other choice, OP went back home and looked for the inhaler together with her husband but was unsuccessful, and, in the end, both OP and her husband had to go to the hospital.

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And surprise, surprise! The couple went back home only to find the missing inhaler on their coffee table and their nephew giggling upstairs.

“In that moment, I just lost it. I yelled at him then told him he was no longer welcome in my home,” OP wrote.

The nephew panicked then. And guessing from what OP wrote, the nephew called OP’s parents after what happened, because they called OP to defend the nephew and told her that the boy was only pranking them and that OP took things too far by kicking the boy out, pleading to OP that she take the boy back. OP, understandably, refused.

OP wrote, “now they’re giving me hell about being unsupportive and making things more difficult for my struggling sister. They even blamed my husband for not keeping his ‘things locked away.'”

OP says that she might have been a bit hasty with her decision to kick her nephew out while her sister is getting treated for cancer.

The subreddit as a whole is saying that OP is not the a-hole here, and I agree. Someone in the comments said, “OP, you ask if you made a hasty decision. Well, after THREE FREAKING TIMES, obviously NOT.”

I think the nephew should have known better than to prank the people who took him in. Moreover, he was pranking a sick person and hiding something important for someone’s life.

And to quote the top comment on this post,

“NTA – ‘Hahaha, criminally negligent manslaughter is a funny prank guys.’

“Let me just make one thing clear OP – there is no situation, argument, or other circumstances where a damn 16-year-old is not a massive asshole for doing this. He’s old enough to understand that your husband could die without the inhaler.

“You’re well within your rights to set that boundary.”

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