Pregnant Woman Shamed For Eating Ice Cream Straight Out Of The Tub

Ice cream is a top-tier food. It’s a food choice that anyone would eat at anytime, whether they’re happy or sad.

A solid example would be, say, if you’re on a date. It may be cliché, but couples often get ice cream before ending a successful date. Or what if the date doesn’t go well? Get ice cream for comfort instead.

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“AITA for eating ice cream directly out of the tub?”

Alright. The ice cream isn’t directly the reason why OP cried, but it can still be called a main character in this story.

OP was pregnant and staying with her in-laws when she posted her story on Reddit. Before going to their house, her mother-in-law asked about her cravings just so they could have them available at her house. OP then said that she mostly craves chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and, like the good hosts that they are, OP’s in-laws bought a lot of said ice cream for OP.

The thing about OP is that she was eating the ice cream directly out of the tub. Which isn’t really a bad thing if she believes that the ice cream is all hers to eat, right?

“I was eating it directly out of the tub since it never lasts more than two days max and nobody else was eating it as far as I was aware,” she wrote.

Unfortunately for OP, her MIL’s goddaughter saw her eating out of the tub, and she was called out for being gross. The goddaughter said that OP should’ve used a bowl instead since somebody else might have wanted to get some ice cream as well.

OP argued that she was going to eat it all anyway, and that’s when the goddaughter called her greedy.

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OP ended up crying because of this. Her husband got angry at the goddaughter, and the goddaughter, in turn, got angry at OP, because she thinks that OP cried on purpose to make the husband angry.

So. Thoughts?

Honestly, I don’t think OP is the a-hole here – nobody is.

I think the only thing that OP did wrong was assuming that the ice cream was only hers to eat. But as she already established the fact that she was planning on eating everything out of that one tub, it’s okay to eat directly out of it without using a bowl.

Reddit, however, has officially labeled OP as the a-hole.

The general opinion below the post is that OP should have acted like an adult and used a bowl to eat ice cream.

“I find it really confusing and insulting that pregnant women aren’t expected to act like adults,” one Redditor commented.

They’re stating the fact that eating out of the tub is unsanitary and inconsiderate, as other people, like the MIL’s goddaughter, might want to eat ice cream too.

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Those who are siding with OP repeat the fact that the in-laws bought a lot of ice cream intended for OP to eat. If the goddaughter wanted to have some, she could’ve just asked and opened a new tub of ice cream, and she could’ve talked to OP calmly and asked her to stop eating out of the tub and use a bowl the next time she eats.

“It really has nothing to do with her being pregnant. NTA. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Goddaughter could have said the same thing while being significantly less rude,” another Redditor said.

And just to be clear, OP has confirmed that there are other unopened tubs in the freezer, and all the other people in the house have seen her eating ice cream out of the tub, but only the 25-year-old goddaughter complained about it.

To respond to a comment asking if the in-laws made her feel bad about eating the ice cream, OP responded with:

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