Boyfriend Wants To Kick Redditor Out Of Her Own Home Because Of Halloween Candies

Celebrating holidays shouldn’t be stressful, right?

Sure, the occasional food prep could get a little hectic, but I’m talking about Halloween for this particular story. All the meal prep you’re gonna do is purchase and open candy/chocolate packs and put them in a container.

So how come this couple ended up fighting over celebrating Halloween?

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I know the spooky season is over, but this story is too intriguing to not talk about.

So we have our OP who had her bf move in with her earlier this year. They had money arguments before, as is typical with couples moving in with each other, and they had an agreement to keep to a household budget and that the bf would pay down his credit card debt. So right at the beginning, it’s established that OP is the more financially responsible one.

OP wrote that her bf once told her that he always dreamt of living in a house where Halloween is taken seriously– he’s talking all-out decoration and full-sized candies, the ultimate package.

And that’s where OP thinks she messed up. Apparently, the bf wasn’t just making conversation that time, so when they went out to the Halloween store, the bf assumed that they had a “Halloween budget” prepared. When he found out that there were no Halloween savings, OP and the bf had an argument.

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Our very patient and tolerant OP blames herself for not understanding her bf, so she came up with $500 and went to her bf with an apology. Now, I’m not saying this is an excessive apology… But it is.

The bf, probably ecstatic, bought an animatronic clown with OP’s $500, plus more on his credit card, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy his Halloween dream. (For those who are curious, like I was, the animatronic that the bf bought is this.)

“He wanted another big piece and was mad I wouldn’t put it on my credit card. I asked if he wanted to put up handmade decorations or spider webs, but he said it would look cheap,” OP wrote.

So with the Halloween decorations checked off, the bf moved on to his full-sized candy bars, and this also elicited another argument between the couple. OP argues that they don’t have enough money for over 250 trick-or-treaters, so they settled with getting bulk bags of small bars, and OP thoughtfully bought some coloring books for the diabetic and allergic trick-or-treaters.

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Halloween comes, and the couple starts another argument. The bf was letting some early trick-or-treaters grab handfuls of candy bars, dumping heaps of candies in the kids’ bags, and giving out the coloring books to whoever came to their door. With their stock running low, the bf instructs OP to go out and buy more candy on OP’s credit card. OP declined. The bf threw a tantrum in front of their young audience.

“He started yelling right there in front of the kids, and I told him to come inside. He responded that he wasn’t stopping trick-or-treating even if there was no candy. I told him to have fun with the clown and went inside,” OP wrote.

The bf eventually went inside but demanded that OP leave for the night so he could clear his head. Mind you, the bf moved into OP’s house. OP owns the house, yet he’s demanding OP to leave? Oof.

“He argued it was fair because I had already eaten and it was my fault that trick-or-treat was ruined bc I’m cheap,” OP wrote.

In the end, OP’s bf went to a friend’s house, but that didn’t stop him from texting OP about how awful and cheap she is.

You know, I have no words for this bf. And there clearly is an a-hole in this situation, and it is not OP. OP doesn’t have a bf, she has a child living with her.

The comments section has been locked already due to an excess of rule violations; I assume it’s from how brutal they have been with their opinions about the bf. Looking at OP’s replies in the comments though, she’s really understanding towards her bf’s attitude, but there have been no updates since she posted in the AITA subreddit.

Let’s just hope that it all works out for OP. Whether she decides to break up with the bf or not, let’s just hope the bf learns a little bit more responsibility, especially with how he handles his finances.

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