Woman Gives Away Food To Homeless Person And Gets Called Out For It

Can you call someone who gives food to a homeless person an a-hole?

Well, this one mother-in-law does.

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To give some backstory, OP, who is currently pregnant and still actively working, is alone for a few weeks since her husband is currently on a business trip. She meal preps her food and just recently made some curry due to her having a bad craving for it, but she ended up making too much, so she left the rest of the curry she made in the fridge.

“[I] was planning to have some the next day since I don’t really mind eating the same meal a few times a day/week, so I left the spares in the fridge,” she wrote.

Here come the in-laws. So when OP was at work, her in-laws decided to visit their house to check up on her using the spare key the in-laws were given in case of emergencies. (First off, I don’t know how they could check up on OP since OP was at work. Second, the spare key was given “in case something goes wrong” as OP wrote.)

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Now when OP came back home hungry, she went straight to the kitchen to get her curry but found out that it was no longer in the fridge and was replaced by a dish made by her mother-in-law. OP called to ask what happened to her food, and her MIL told her that she tried the curry and it tasted spoiled, so she threw it away and she made something healthy instead.

“I ended up ordering takeaway that day as, in my current state, I find her cooking beyond revolting,” OP wrote.

Oh. You must think that OP is the a-hole here, no? Well, OP actually wrote some more backstory at the start of her post. Apparently, her husband was very skinny and unhealthy when they first met, and it was because of the mother-in-law’s cooking and not because of OP’s husband being a picky eater.

“My husband said that this is because my cooking is very different from his mother’s,” OP wrote.

The MIL’s cooking is bland, from what OP describes. Everything that makes a dish delicious won’t be found in the mother-in-law’s cooking. No spices, sauces, or herbs. Not even the basic salt and pepper can be found, since the MIL believes that a dish cooked in nothing but vegetable oil is healthy.

Back to the present, the “healthy” food that OP’s MIL left her in the fridge was given to a homeless person.

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Unfortunately, someone acquainted with the family saw this kind gesture and reported back to the mother-in-law. (I’m not really sure how they knew.) OP wrote that within a few hours of giving away the food, she’s got a dozen messages, including from her MIL, calling her an a-hole.

Like the husband, I’m on OP’s side here. There’s nothing wrong with what OP did. I mean, she could’ve simply trashed the food but instead, she’s given it to someone in need, so that’s already a plus for me. And being pregnant, I think OP can afford to be sensitive with her food. Also, the MIL threw away the curry that she just cooked. I’m not calling anyone an a-hole here but…

Anyways! Your thoughts? Check out the original post below.

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