Stepdad Secretly Accesses Daughter’s E-Mail To Cancel Her Job Interview

I understand that some parents can be a bit overprotective of their children, but this father took it to the next level.

Is it really just overprotectiveness that caused such discord within the family? Who really is the a-hole in this situation? I’ll let you be the judge.

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In this story, we have a stepdad who wants his stepdaughter to work at his company. The daughter, a college graduate who just recently started looking for a job, refused the dad’s offer because most employees at the company are men. She said men make uncomfortable comments about women, and that makes it uncomfortable for her. She knows this because she has visited the stepdad’s company many times before and always felt uncomfortable.

“She said that in those 30-40 minute visits she couldn’t handle the negative vibe so she couldn’t imagine working there 8+ hours every day.”

Totally fair, right? The dad didn’t seem to mind his employees’ behavior though and still insisted that the daughter work in his company, even giving reasons to urge her to reconsider. But, again, the daughter refused.

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Cut to the moment when the daughter finally came across a job opportunity at another company, a well-known one in their area according to OP, and the daughter was ecstatic. She even went shopping for new clothes to wear for the interview! Yay for her!

The OP, the daughter’s mother, wrote that on the day of the daughter’s interview, she got a call from her daughter. Expecting some news about her new employment? No. OP’s daughter called her crying and said that her interview was canceled.

OP was confused at first, but the daughter quickly explained that the stepdad was the cause for the cancellation of her job interview. Apparently, OP’s husband told their daughter that he canceled the interview using the daughter’s e-mail. Villanous stepdad, in my opinion.

Of course, this led to an argument. OP went home and flipped out at her husband, which you’d think shouldn’t be a shock. But the husband was, in fact, shocked by the reaction. He said that he only did what he did for their daughter’s own good and that he was frustrated that the daughter kept rejecting his offer to work at his company.

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In addition to ranting about their daughter’s rejection of his job proposal, the husband also told OP that she should be siding with him on the matter, telling her that she should encourage their daughter to join his company to improve it instead of letting their daughter work for others.

“We’re still on non-speaking terms but he occasionally threw in how he just wanted what’s best for the whole family, but now Mia missed an opportunity to work with a respectable company and gain the benefits that’d help her progress in her career.”

Now OP tells Reddit that she might be the a-hole here because she feels like they could’ve had a calm conversation and that she could’ve heard and considered the husband’s opinion first instead of just flipping out.

My thoughts? The dad was in the wrong. Reddit’s verdict? OP’s not the a-hole.

I can understand that the dad might be thinking that all he’s doing is choosing what’s best for their family, but he deprived their daughter of the opportunity to work in a company of her choosing. And to do it by canceling the job interview with the daughter’s e-mail is a definite red flag. Also, is he going to ignore that their daughter is uncomfortable in the presence of his employees? He’s not really considering their adult daughter’s feelings on this one.

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Suggestions were made in the comments section telling the OP that maybe her daughter can explain what happened and ask the company to reschedule her job interview. One more top-upvoted comment said that, “The fact that the man who created a company with a misogynistic environment then thinks he knows better than a 23-year-old woman what job she should have tells me everything I need to know about this man.”

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