Negligent Dog Owner Ghosted Her Dog And Dogsitter For A Month But She’s The One Who Wants To Sue?

We all probably have that one friend who we’ve got a hit-or-miss kinda relationship with… Or maybe that’s just for some unlucky select few?

Unfortunately for this Redditor, she is one of the unlucky ones who have to deal with a friend who’s a bit unstable, for lack of a better word.

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OP was asked to dogsit her friend’s poodle for 2 weeks while the friend went on a vacation with her spouse. Simple enough favor, I suppose. OP had taken care of her friend’s dog before and got paid for it, and despite OP having had some rough patches with her friend before, she still agreed to take care of her friend’s dog.

Even though OP agreed to take care of her friend’s dog for 2 weeks, OP admits that she hates the dog. She wrote that her friend’s dog peed everywhere, was destructive, and picked fights with her golden boy named Dorado. The friend’s dog is, simply put, undisciplined.

2 weeks went by, and OP decided to call her friend and ask when she’ll be expected to come by and get her “little monster” back. The friend never answered, and after OP tried reaching her on Instagram, OP was blocked.

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Shocking, I know. I mean, OP’s got your dog, and you’re just going to ignore her without thinking about how your dog probably misses you and the possible inconveniences of letting your dog overstay their welcome in your friend’s home? I can’t even imagine what’s going on in OP’s friend’s mind.

Since the friend was unreachable, OP tried calling the friend’s husband, but she also got ignored. 10 days after the supposed deadline for the poor dog’s stay, OP had had enough. She went to a shelter, lied about it being a stray (as they don’t take in pet dogs), and dropped her friend’s poodle there. Done and done.

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One week after she dropped the poodle in the shelter, OP’s friend finally resurfaced from God knows where and called OP to tell her that she was going to come by and get her dog back. OP got mad, of course. She admitted then that she got tired of waiting and dropped the poodle at a shelter.

“She started fighting with me over the phone, saying that it was unfair, that I was putting her dog in danger and that I could just have waited a little longer. I sent her the shelter address, and some days later, she said that she was going to sue me because she had to buy her dog back (this shelter doesn’t sell dogs, maybe she was charged an adoption fee).”

Now OP is wondering if she should have waited a bit longer before doing anything drastic, like dropping her friend’s dog at a shelter.

While I don’t agree with OP’s choice of action here, she did wait 10 more days for her friend to show up, and both her friend and her friend’s husband blocked and ghosted her when she was trying to contact them. I mean, the poodle was a menace according to OP, and the fact that she got blocked by the dog’s owner is just frustrating. And now she’s being threatened with legal action?

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In the end, OP’s NTA, and the subreddit users think so too.

One of the top comments on this post related to OP, and it’s scarily parallel to OP’s story, but this time it involves a child and CPS. They shared how they were asked to babysit a child for two weeks as well and got the same treatment as OP. The commenter said that they called CPS after 10 days, and the kid was taken away.

This should be obvious to everyone, but dogs and especially kids are not something you just drop off somewhere and not be punctual in picking them up at the agreed time. Better yet, entirely avoid dropping them off anywhere. Who would want to be separated from a parent anyway?

Check out the original post below if you wanna see the people’s reaction over the negligent friend’s actions.

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