Dad Wants To Give Away Daughter’s Cat Without Permission

We’re diving in straight with this one, people.

I’m not sure why, but I feel like the way Reddit user FROGarrow started her post just gives you the frustration she feels with what happened to her.

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There’s not really much backstory here; OP opens her story by saying that her father asked her for pictures of her cat the moment she went to her mom’s house. She asked why but was met with no answer until she eventually called her father.

Turns out, her father was giving away OP’s cat, Raven. But her father wasn’t asking permission and just straight-up told her that he was giving away the cat to a random person in their neighborhood.

Raven has been with OP since she was 7, she wrote. Of course, the sudden announcement frustrated OP. She cried while she was still on the phone with her dad, and her dad told OP that she was being dramatic for crying. Not exactly qualified for father of the year, this one.

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Seems like the father posted about his “giveaway” on social media, and OP begged that he delete the post. OP wrote that this was his response via text:

“I deleted this part of the post

“Raven- 6 years old, female, tuxedo coloring. Very petite, very affectionate: likes to give kisses (not licks taps her face on yours), good with kids but not other animals. It was ex-wife’s cat, who did not want her when we divorced.”

In OP’s eyes, her dad specifically states that Raven was owned by his ex-wife, OP’s mom, so he doesn’t sound like the bad guy. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that OP’s dad tried to get rid of Raven. His first attempt ended after the extreme disapproval of OP’s mom and brothers.

Thankfully, Raven wasn’t given away. OP’s mom stepped up and took the cat with her.

“My mom told my dad ‘at least I’m not an a** for breaking my daughter’s heart by giving away the only animal that she ever had and bonded with.’ Am I in the wrong?”

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The reason why OP’s asking Reddit if she’s an a**hole is because her own dad is calling her one. She wrote, “My dad was calling me an a**hole for getting mad at him for trying to get rid of my cat without me know[ing] and I want to know if I am the a**hole for not wanting to get rid of my cat.”

Dear OP, you are not in the wrong. Not to sound prickly, but I think there’s a reason why OP’s parents got divorced. From what the OP shared, their family’s relationship isn’t all that great, and the father’s attitude towards a pet isn’t something to write home about. I mean, talk about gaslighting.

The comments section is perplexed, to say the least. They’re calling the dad toxic, saying that he sucks, and using some other colorful words. Check out the original post below.

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