Wife Leaves Keys In Unlocked Car Just 34 Days After Her Car Was Stolen

Another “Am I The A*hole” post, another couple going through a rough patch.

Lowkey noticing a pattern here, no? Our favorite subreddit has become the modern version of therapy, or maybe they treat it as anonymous couples counseling, although it’s kinda a one-sided consultation. Unless of course, they decide to show the post to their significant other sometime in the future.

Anyway! Here’s our story for today.

OP is the husband, and he’s asking Reddit if he’s an a-hole for getting angry and yelling at his wife for leaving the keys in his unlocked car.

But that’s not all. OP’s wife has done this before, 34 days ago to be exact, to her own car, and it resulted in having her car stolen right out of their driveway.

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OP provided some backstory for Reddit. He wrote that there have been thieves roaming in their area for months now, and they have stolen quite a few cars as well. And OP’s wife had the habit of leaving her keys in the car and leaving it unlocked. Naturally, OP told his wife not to do that, especially since there were active thieves in the area and they both knew about it. OP’s wife countered by saying that she grew up in their town and that it’s safe.

So it was not long before OP’s wife’s car got stolen. Along with her keys, OP’s wife had her purse containing her ID and bank cards, and $3,000 worth of gym equipment in the stolen car. So all her bank cards had to be cancelled immediately, and OP was left to deal with the car’s insurance, since the car and insurance were both in his name.

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Left with no car, OP’s wife had to use a rental car, and when the rental period ended, she had to use the husband’s car.

One day, OP’s wife came back home, and OP asked her for the keys. The wife told OP that she left them in the car. (Lesson apparently not learned.)

OP told his wife to please get the keys out of the car, but his wife declined and said that she was going out again soon.

“I ask calmly one more time, and she says her car was stolen at night. They’re not going to steal in broad daylight. I lose my shit, hurl some nasty words, and her response is that all she’s learned is to keep her mouth shut and just not tell me anything next time.”

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Frustrated, the husband wrote that he was an a-hole because he yelled at his wife, but he also asks Reddit if everyone just sucks here (ESH). The post has since been labeled as NTA (not the a-hole).

Most people in the comments section are saying the same thing, that the post isn’t an ESH situation. They also point out that OP’s wife shouldn’t own a car until she learns to be responsible. Some even say that the wife should get a job of her own and buy her own car.

OP, the loyal husband that he is, defended his wife and replied that while he is frustrated over the financial loss, “in all fairness to my wife, she does more than her fair share on the homefront. Being a homemaker is a full-time job, even if it doesn’t carry an income.”

Let’s just hope that the wife does break her terrible and dangerous habit of leaving things in an unlocked car.

The OP provided some more updates on his post, including how they bought a new car and it’s now under the wife’s name, along with the insurance for it. Check out the original post below!

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