Woman’s 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Friend Offended Her, And Now The Girl Is Banned From Her House

It’s nothing new when parents fight with teens, particularly their own children. But would it be weird for a parent to have some kind of grudge against their child’s friend?

A mother went to Reddit to ask for the public’s opinion on whether she was right to prohibit her 14-year-old daughter’s friend from going to their house because of one statement that was made the first time the friend came over for a sleepover.

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“AITA for banishing my teenage daughter’s friend from our house because she made fun of my weight?”

OP wrote that her daughter was an introvert and she and her husband had been worried about their daughter’s social awkwardness. Thankfully, her daughter finally made a friend in school and invited her over to have dinner and spend the night.

Cut to dinner time. As the family and the friend were eating OP’s husband’s homecooked meal, OP asked her daughter’s friend if she was enjoying her food. Just typical small talk during a meal with an acquaintance.

“Yes! [Your husband] is a great cook! No wonder you’ve ended up a bigger woman,” the daughter’s friend answered.

Cue awkward silence…

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Even though the comment came from a child, the message was loud and clear. They finished their meal and the girls went to bed without talking about what happened.

A few months after the awkward first sleepover, OP’s daughter asked if she could invite her friend back to their house. OP then said that she’ll give an okay only if the friend apologizes to her.

Confused, OP’s daughter asked what she meant, so OP kindly reminded her of the awkward dinner and the offending comment made months before. The daughter countered that it was all in the past and that the incident shouldn’t be brought up again.

Unsuccessful with OP, the daughter went to her father to ask for permission and then told him what OP’s condition was to get approval. OP’s husband gave an okay and then went to OP and said that the friend might have felt awkward during dinner and tried to make a joke.

“For the sake of our daughter, can’t you just let it go?”

OP wrote that she could. But apparently, she didn’t want to because she wants to use this unfortunate opportunity to teach her daughter’s friend a lesson about not being rude.

Since the friend is only 14, OP’s husband thinks that the fixation on getting an apology is weird. But then OP thinks that the only weird thing here is that she’s still waiting for an apology.

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“Seriously. That’s all I need. I just need to know that any friend of my daughter is willing to own up to her screw-ups,” OP wrote.

I’m all for teaching young children good manners, but I think OP’s just being petty at this point. I can understand if they talked about the incident with the child the night that it happened, but it’s been months since, and she’s still demanding an apology. Just like her child, the friend probably already forgot what she said.

As this one Redditor commented, “She’s a 14-year-old kid. Even with the best social skills, they often put their feet in their mouths. Let it go. Don’t ruin your daughter’s friendship because your ego was hurt by one offhand comment.”

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AITA for banishing my teenage daughter’s friend from our house because she made fun of my weight?
By u/Effective-Weekend-97 in AmItheAsshole

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