Employers Lied To Their Babysitter, So The Babysitter Returned The Favor

We’ve got a liar in our midst, everybody!

In this AITA post, a minor lied to her employers for a good reason.

OP, a 15-year-old babysitter, confessed on Reddit that she lied to the people she was babysitting for to get them to come home.

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But before you judge the young OP, she actually lied for a valid reason. Based on what OP wrote, she’s actually a responsible babysitter, telling Reddit she took a babysitting and first aid course. (I assume this is before she officially began working as a babysitter.)

So OP starts with how she was asked by the parents of her little sister’s classmate to babysit since they were going to a wedding during a weekend. OP asked how late they thought they’d be and if she should bring an overnight bag if they were going to stay out all night. The parents said that they would be home by midnight.

Since OP is a minor, she asked her dad if it would be okay to accept the above-mentioned gig since the dad would be OP’s ride home.

Since the parents told OP that they would be home by midnight, during the day of the babysitting incident, OP’s dad came to pick her up at 11:50 PM. OP mentioned that the kids she was babysitting were all asleep and that she was just watching TV while she waits for the parents. She had already texted them at 11 PM, asking them if they would be home in time, and got the affirmative from the mom.

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12:30 AM and the parents are still MIA. OP texted them again but got no response. OP then called her dad, and the dad was pissed at the parents. 30 minutes passed and OP tried calling the parents again to no avail. OP’s dad, who’s been waiting for over an hour already, went home to get coffee and promptly came back to wait for OP.

“My dad went and got a coffee at home and came back. He is all calm. Not good. He is ready to blow,” OP wrote.

OP texted the parents every 15 minutes but is still being ignored.

Here comes the lying part. It was already 2:20 AM when OP texted the parents that someone tried to break into their garage. Don’t worry though, the alarm scared them away.

Lo and behold, the parents were home. “Drunk in an Uber in 15 minutes,” OP wrote. OP’s dad made the parents pay for the extra time OP had to babysit before they left. And as any parent would say after dealing with what just happened, he forbade OP from babysitting for that family again unless it was for an overnight stay.

The next time OP and the parents met was a disaster.

“She gave me shit for scaring her and her husband. That they had checked their security cameras and no one tried to break in. I said sorry, the alarm went off so I called you,” OP wrote.

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OP got called a liar, and she admits that it was a fair statement and added that she didn’t feel bad about what she did since the parents lied to her first. But at the end of the post, OP mentioned that she felt bad for doing what she did and that the parents could have responded to her texts asking if they were going to be late.

Kind of a head-scratcher here, but OP’s mom says that OP should’ve just sucked it up. OP’s dad, however, stands with OP, saying that the parents broke their original deal of coming home by midnight. Reddit labeled OP as NTA.

Redditors in the comments section couldn’t believe that the parents didn’t respond to OP’s texts or calls before the lie. Meaning that they chose to ignore her before the “break-in” text. And OP also responded that the parents didn’t apologize to her for what they did when they got home that day.

For a more extreme suggestion, someone commented:

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