U.S. Airman Walks Into Cracker Barrel & Surprises His Mom While She’s Eating Breakfast

Christian Finley, E2 Airman in the United States Air Force, considers himself a mama’s boy. So when he had to be away in Texas for his basic training, he was extremely homesick and had a hard time being so far from his mom, Michelle, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Finley has always loved airplanes, so he made it his mission to fly jets. He plans on commissioning in four years and going to flight school. But before all of that could happen, he must go to basic training.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

While Finley was away, he kept in touch with his mom by writing each other letters.

But being penpals was not the same as being together in person, so when it was time for Finley to finally come home after six months away, he knew he wanted to plan a special surprise for his mom.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

With help from one of his mother’s friends, he concocted a plan to surprise his mom while she was eating breakfast at a local Cracker Barrel.

Finley confidently walked into the restaurant holding a bouquet of flowers for his mom as his nerves began to take over. Surprising his mom like this was something he always wanted to do, since he always loved watching videos of surprise homecomings.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

Finley went up to their table, snuck up behind his mom and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around and saw her son standing there, her jaw hit the ground.

She had just talked to him the night before while he was in his room in Texas, so she never could’ve imagined that he’d be home the following day.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

She immediately jumped up and gave her son the biggest hug.

Finley was so happy to have successfully pulled off the surprise, but what he didn’t know was that his mom had a surprise of her own.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

While he was home, his mom set up a private flying lesson for him!

Watch the heartwarming homecoming surprise in the video below:

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