Lovely Lily is the Adventure Companion You’ve Been Searching For

While many animals find it difficult to let their light shine through when they’re stuck in a shelter environment, lovely Lily is no wallflower and has no problem expressing herself. Nope. This happy, energetic girl loves being in the thick of things. In a forever home situation, she’d prefer to stay off the sidelines and instead be a part of your adventures!

As far as background, she’s believed to be a pit bull and Chinese shar-pei mix who’s not quite 3 years old yet and weighs approximately 56 pounds. She’s also spayed, housebroken, knows the commands sit and paw, and enjoys bath time. She also has a pretty big fan club at the Pima Animal Care Center, where she’s been waiting patiently for a forever home since May of 2022.

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Here’s what a few of her biggest fans have to say about her:

Adoptable Shelter Pets

“Today, Lily was very easy to leash up with just a slip leash for our walk. We left the kennel area and she enjoyed walking through the park and sniffing all the smells. I really enjoy walking this girly, and I think she would make a really great adventure buddy!”

“Lily and I had a pleasant walk around the big lake. She is so eager to please, and once she’s settled, ready to learn new skills. After the walk, she got a little playtime in the yard. She will fetch balls and bring them back and drop them at your feet. Lily is a smart, good-looking girl. I’m surprised she hasn’t been adopted yet.”

“Lily is always so ready to get out of the kennel, and today she was a pleasure! She knows her name, walked without pulling, and checked in frequently with me. I also took her to the play yard for a bit, and we had fun playing fetch.”

“I take Lily to a yard first thing each morning where there is a kiddie pool with fresh water. Lily likes to take her morning swim, running and jumping into the pool, then running around the play yard. She also likes to play with a toy and tosses it around and catches it. We always practice the commands sit, come, and look, and we’re working on stay. We’ve also started working on crate training by tossing treats into a crate for her to follow. Lily would be a wonderful hiking buddy, as she has great energy and loves to jump on the rocks and tables. She is a favorite dog to walk for sure!”

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Rescue Animals

This young girl has so much potential to be the perfect co-pilot for an active person or family! She’s a sweet pup who is eager to please and loves to learn. Lily has shared her kennel with a variety of roommates and was playful, social, and tolerant during her latest playgroup evaluation with other shelter dogs. She’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home or may prefer to be your one and only as the center of attention. Please share her information!

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

If you are interested in adopting Lily or are aware of someone who might be, please email with any additional questions or for an adoption application. For reference, she’s in Kennel D217, and her ID# is A716943.

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