Reddit Video Shows the Other Side of Wild Animals, Which Is Unbelievably Adorable

Wild animals are truly magnificent creatures that are greatly admired but also feared by humans. One look from them can weaken your knees — close encounters with them can easily make your heart race. Such creatures are also fierce hunters, which makes all possible prey tremble at their sight. However, people must remember that lions, tigers, wolves, foxes, and more won’t quickly attack them. They’ll be defensive only when threatened, and they have a preference when it comes to their diet. That’s why humans should not view animals as good or bad — wild animals aren’t only terrifying.

Photo: Reddit/bxgang

Like your dogs and felines at home, a lion can be timid, a fox can be clingy, and a leopard can be mischievous. They have personalities that you’ll notice if you spend time with them. However, huge cats are not meant for domesticated life; that’s why professional caretakers are the only ones who usually get to see their other side. Behind their formidable looks, wild animals are softies, which they show to their favorite humans. It may seem unbelievable, but a Reddit video shared by bxgang made many people smile due to the adorable felines it features. “If Danger Then Why Friend Shaped,” OP wrote in the caption. The man can amazingly approach his wild friends without getting harmed. It’s also apparent that the animals enjoy the pets and getting booped on the nose.

The montage was so endearing that you’d forget they are lions, hyenas, tigers, foxes, and wolves for a moment. No sign of growling or attempted attack was shown on the video. The wild dogs were even wagging their tails due to the joy of seeing the guy who showers them with love. It was so amusing that the Reddit post gained 4k upvotes and hundreds of comments. Although adorable, Redditors expressed mixed feelings about the video and explained their worries in the comment section. Some adored the post, while others were disturbed by the closeness of the animals and the caretaker. You might want to share your opinion in the comments.

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