Adorable Street Dog Named Lucy Reunited with Her Fur Mom in Touching Video That’ll Melt Your Heart

There’s a lot to unpack in Ukraine right now, not least of which is the tremendous suffering pets and animals in the country are going through since Russia’s invasion. There is hope, however, with all of the support that animal lovers there have been receiving to try to alleviate some of the crushing burdens. There are others who have made it their mission all along without the impetus of war to spur them on. One individual has been documenting their efforts on a YouTube channel entitled @lovefurryfriends which was started in March 2020.

Love Furry Friends Rescue

The young Ukrainian woman behind Love Furry Friends Rescue regularly hits the streets to help animals in need. Recently, she reunited an adorable momma dog with her equally cute offspring and in the process was able to get them seen by veterinarians to address their health issues. While it definitely tugs at your heartstrings, the reunion between the two will leave you smiling and teary-eyed. Discovered in an abandoned lot near a busy road, the younger of the two dogs, Lucy, was taken in first. Much more timid than her momma, it took some coaxing to get her to safety. Here’s how it played out.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends rescue

Rescue Dogs

Searching through the tangle of trash and debris at night, their flashlight is seen bobbing in the darkness as they scour the interior of a demolished home. Finally, the frightened pup is discovered nearby and comforted before being whisked off to safety. Lucy is next seen being examined by a veterinarian. Because she didn’t trust people and wouldn’t come near them, no one was able to rescue her sooner. After her exam and a nice warm bath, Lucy’s appearance and spirits seem vastly improved. The problem was, the separation between her and her momma was obviously weighing on the pup, and the sadness and fear remained in its eyes.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends Rescue

Animal Activism Ukraine

The next step was to post Lucy and her story on social media to see if anyone recognized her. It wasn’t long before a photo of Lucy and her mom popped up and stories about the two being fed by those who wanted to help began to appear. Once Lucy’s rescuer knew there was a chance her mom was still out there, she went on the hunt for her, too. As luck would have it, Lucy’s mom — now called Rozy — was quickly located, and she turned out to be far more trusting, making it easier to scoop her up and take her away as well.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends Rescue

Heartworm Disease

One of the things that struck Rozy’s savior right off the bat was her heavy, almost rasping breathing. After a quick trip to the vet, a diagnosis of heartworm was given, and the sweet little dog began treatment. It’s when she is reunited with Lucy that the fun begins. Rozy, for her part, is very nervous about her surroundings when she’s brought to Lucy, who’s settled in quite nicely by then. You feel for Rozy initially because you can tell it’s been a long time, if ever, since she’s been in a house. Lucy, though, loses her little mind when she recognizes her mom and can’t leave her alone for even a second.

Photo: YouTube/Love Furry Friends Rescue

If ever there was a video to make you smile, this one will do it.

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