Adopted Dog Smiles Big When He Realizes He’s Finally Home

Our hearts really go out to dogs that are stuck at the shelter for a long time. Sometimes it just seems as if they are overlooked for one reason or another, and we wonder if they will ever get adopted.

Perhaps that was how Petey felt after being stuck at a county shelter in North Carolina. Even though the dog was only about one year old, it seemed as if he was being overlooked.

Of course, life at a high-intake shelter is difficult, and the SPCA of Wake County did what it could to try to get the dog adopted after they received him.

He had been at the shelter for far too long and they really wanted him to find a forever family.

A picture was posted by the SPCA on Facebook and they thought that surely, someone would see the picture and fall in love with that face. It seems as if that is exactly what happened and within a few weeks, a family came in to bring Petey home.

After they got him to his new forever home, it appears as if he got comfortable almost right away. The SPCA shared a picture of him curled up on a blanket and he had the biggest smile on his face.

The shelter wrote: “That is the smile of a dog who knows he’s home.”

His new family added that he was settling perfectly in his new home, and loved playing fetch and sleeping in the bed. He also loves his new brother and any doggy friends that he comes across.

Petey is one happy pup.

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