Sweet, Adoptable Smokey Just Can’t Seem to Catch a Break

Meet Smokey! By all accounts, Smokey is a great dog, but he hasn’t even received one adoption application yet, which has staff and volunteers at the Nebraska Humane Society baffled.

The 2-year-old Boxer mix has even graduated from the organization’s Diamond Dog program for fearful pups. Armed with his new diploma, Smokey is said to have an improved sense of self-confidence and perhaps some swagger in his step these days.

He’s also the perfect size at approximately 40 pounds with a compact body that’s described as athletic. He walks like a champ on a leash, even if he still pulls a little, but he’s working on it. Perhaps you could help with that?

adoptable dog
Photo: ABC News-KETV7

According to NHS staff, Smokey has also been good with other dogs when he’s been in playgroup with them, and it’s believed he would likely be alright around felines with proper introductions.

Smokey was recently featured by ABC’s KETV7 in Nebraska, and they got some adorable video footage of this handsome pup. Besides that sweet face, Smokey is said to be inquisitive and smart, and his attitude is categorized as “anything for a treat.”

Smokey’s gone on a number of field trips with the shelter’s volunteers, and they always report that he is well-behaved in their vehicles and homes.

adoptable dog
Photo: ABC News-KETV7

Word is that Smokey is still not 100 percent confident yet, so he might be apprehensive with energetic small kids who could startle him. For this reason, staff feels he’d like a calmer home — but one that is still active — with older children that know not to race up to him.

He adores toys and enjoys playing with them. Once he’s comfortable and feels safe, he’s said to be a real snuggler that loves to goof around.
Volunteers at the Humane Society of Nebraska overwhelmingly say he’s a good boy, meets other dogs well, and loves to be out on a walk.

adoptable dog
Photo: ABC News-KETV7

The only thing left is for Smokey to find a forever home now with a pet parent(s) that’ll spend the time with him that he needs to be the best boy ever. If you live in the area, KETV7 will be featuring a different pet of the week for the Nebraska Humane Society each week.

In the meantime, check out the fun video they shot that’s been posted with Smokey’s description. If you’re interested in adopting him, click on the link above to contact NHS about him today.

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