April the Holland Lop Would Like to Hop Right Into Your Life

Say hello to gorgeous April and June, who were brought into the San Diego Humane Society by their previous owner on February 23, 2023. April (#642961) arrived with her best friend June (#642962), and, as a bonded pair, they must be adopted together. At 4 years old, April and June are sweet middle-aged rabbits who love cuddling with each other and do well with trusted humans.

adoptable rabbits
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

Rabbits as Pets

Rabbits are intelligent and complex animals who do well in families with humans who understand that at their core they are prey animals, and do not especially enjoy being picked up or held. The best way to bond with them is to spend time with them on the floor and shower them with plenty of greens and Timothy hay!

Holland Lop
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

April is a domestic rabbit known as a Holland Lop, and she should be kept indoors. The nice thing about having indoor rabbits is that they can come out of their cage for bunny playtime, in a rabbit-proof area of the home. It’s during this supervised playtime that rabbits often exhibit some of their most fun and interesting behaviors!

Adoptable Holland Lop
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

Holland Lops

April and June will need a large enclosure with free-roaming time (bigger is always better), and they would love a family who will interact with them daily to keep them healthy and social! When rabbits get the space and enrichment they need, they often form deep bonds with their humans. You can ask an Adoption Counselor at the SDHS to learn more! They also have an entire section on their website outlining Rabbit Care if you’d like to check it out before proceeding further.

adoptable bunnies
Photo: San Diego Humane Society

These lovely ladies have been fixed and are currently waiting at the Oceanside Campus at 572 Airport Rd., 92058. You can contact SDHS at 619-299-7012 or info@sdhumane.org.

Note: Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV2) is a highly contagious disease affecting rabbits. Due to its presence in San Diego County, all rabbits will receive a mandatory RHDV2 vaccine before adoption. Guests will be charged $12 for this vaccine upon adoption.

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