Adoptable Dogs Dress Up For Halloween At Best Friends Sanctuary

Halloween is about tasty treats and wicked fun costumes. Best Friends Animal Society is making sure shelter dogs enjoy Halloween by dressing them up in costumes and giving them lots of extra love and treats.

Dogs of all ages and sizes took part in the festivities. The adorable dogs were featured on Facebook in their spooktacular costumes and are sure to catch the attention and hopefully the hearts of adopters.

A nine-year-old miniature pinscher named Mort was dressed as a lobster and his bio states he has “come out of his shy shell, and he has embraced being brave!”

Several of their adoptable dogs were featured on the sanctuary’s social media pages sporting their Halloween costumes. There was everything from a spooky spider to a pirate to a black cat.

Genya, a winking (one-eyed) Australian shepherd mix, looked amazing in her hair-raising spider costume. Nothing slows her down and she is looking for an active family to go on many adventures with.

Another one-eyed dog went as a pirate, which people commented was the perfect costume for the happy pup.

The black cat was actually not a cat at all, but a handsome pit bull named Beta. He is a bit shy and “looking for someone to help him learn all about the world around him with time and patience.”

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a devil costume. A terrier mix showed off its pearly fangs and looked devilishly good.

Check out all the adoptable dogs in costumes below.

The costumes are not scary but the situation in shelters across the country is.

Shelters are struggling to find adopters. They are overcapacity and are begging people to adopt or foster, especially large dogs. Please consider adopting or fostering and help save lives!

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