This Elmo Would Be Tickled if You Were to Adopt Him!

Say hello to Elmo!

“Elmo thinks it’s important to be kind, because if you’re kind to somebody, then they’ll be kind to somebody, and it goes on and on and on.” Elmo

Ok, Pima Animal Care Center’s Elmo isn’t actually the Elmo that said that, but he believes in his namesake’s line of thought. If you think about it, one of the kindest things you can do is give a shelter pup a loving home! Elmo promises that if you do him that kindness, he’ll pay it forward every day! How, you ask? Fetching your slippers (maybe), getting the newspaper (perhaps), being your best friend (definitely, and more!

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Tickle Me Elmo

Here’s what his shelter volunteer friends have said about him:

“Elmo is one of my favorite dogs at PACC. He is a hidden gem in my opinion! He is always sitting or standing calmly, tail wagging, four feet on the floor, as I approach. Today, we headed off on an adventure – we walked to the grass and did a little “sniffarri,” where I threw treats around in the grass so he could sniff around and find them. It’s a great way to work his brain and tire him out! He also enjoyed sticking his face in the animal holes in the grass, as usual! Our walk back to his kennel was easy, and I unleashed him after giving a few treats. Elmo is a great guy!”

“Elmo is such a sweet dog. Today, a member of the public approached to ask me some questions about him, and he definitely showed off his good behavior! He was very calm, kept his attention on me, did a perfect sit, and was very affectionate with a big smile. He was a very mellow Elmo tonight, easy to walk, very calm in and out of the kennel and on our walk. A wonderful dog.”

“Elmo is a very sweet and affectionate young man. He was very excited for his walk, and once we were outside, I asked for a “sit”, and he sat very nicely for me. He is very responsive to verbal cues (“Elmo, this way” and “sit”). All in all, an absolutely wonderful dog.”

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Fostering Shelter Pets

During a brief stay in a foster home, Elm was reportedly housebroken with regular walks and was described as cuddly, calm, and protective. His foster said that Elmo loves toys and will throw a rope toy into the air for himself to catch. Elmo is an active, energetic guy – still practically a puppy at less than two years old. He’d love a family who will keep him on the move and work with him on all his good boy skills.

Elmo would like to meet any resident dogs before going home to make sure it’s a good fit, and he would prefer a home without small dogs or other small pets.

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Forever Homes for Rescue Animals

Elmo is neutered, weighs approximately 49 pounds, and shelter staff think he’s about 1 year and 9 months old. He’s been at PACC in Tucson since August 16, 2022, and he’s ready to go home today!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Elmo or know of someone who might be, please email with additional questions. He’s in Kennel D118, and his ID# is A786312.

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