Google Searches for Adoptable Dogs Are Up During This Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October may be known for its pumpkins, leaves, and spooky costumes, but it’s also a time in which dog adoptions are especially encouraged. Who doesn’t want to bundle up inside with their pup during a crisp fall evening?! Both American Humane and the ASPCA celebrate October with pooches in mind, as they celebrate Adopt-a-Dog-Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, respectively. A new search analysis has found that plenty of Americans have such an adoption in mind this year.


Online pet shop recently analyzed Google search volume and trends data to see how much the dog adoption initiative boosts public interest. They found that it must be doing something right, as searches for “local dog shelter near me” are up 129% so far in October, while “dog adoptions near me” has gone up 153%. The states with some of the biggest upticks include Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, and Kansas, as well as the District of Columbia.

While the prospect of more pooches finding forever homes is great, the company says it is important to be realistic about the adoption process. Sometimes the dogs you’ll find in the shelter have been through a lot and may need some extra love.

PHOTO: ADOBE STOCK / EVEGENESIS founder John Smith explains, “While they don’t quite understand the full extent of why they are there, any prior trauma or abuse can make a dog feel hesitant to a new owner. Abandoned dogs can suffer loss and emotional despair, which can lend themselves to common and often devastating symptoms, such as whining, pacing, howling, loss of appetite, fidgeting, broken sleep patterns, anxiety, lethargy, and even aggression.

“Don’t let this put you off. You can ease your new shelter dog’s anxieties and past feelings of abandonment by making them feel welcomed and loved. Behavior change may not happen overnight, and that’s okay. It’s essential for new dog parents to be patient, accept the dog for who they are, and not pressure them to change within a timeline.”


Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge but want to make sure you’re prepared, especially if your chosen pup needs a little more encouragement? Check out these tips for adopting a rescue dog, as well as tips for senior pups, who can make wonderful companions.

If you’re unable to get a new dog, you can celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in other ways. Here are some alternatives.

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