Rescue Rebuild Teams Up With Good Flights To Help Shelter Pets In Louisiana

Since Flights to Freedom began in 2015, GreaterGood has saved thousands of lives by flying shelter pets from the South–where shelter overcrowding leaves animals at risk of euthanasia–to shelters where they can get adopted.

On Aug. 30, our Clear the Shelters Flight to Freedom will fly 135+ shelter dogs and cats rescued from overcrowded shelters in Louisiana and Alabama to safety in New Jersey, where they’ll be transferred to shelters where demand for adoption is soaring.

On Aug. 2, our first Clear the Shelters flight of 2022 flew 155 at-risk Florida shelter cats to safety in Massachusetts. Photo: Peggy Adams Rescue League

This life-saving pet airlift–which will be operated by Greater Good Charities Good Flights program with support from the Animal Rescue Site and Hill’s Pet Nutrition–has also been timed to coincide with Clear the Shelters NBCUniversal Local’s annual pet adoption and donation campaign running throughout the month of August.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

On Aug. 2, 2022, our first Clear the Shelters flight flew from Florida to Massachusetts filled with 155 kittens and cats rescued from overcrowded shelters around South Florida.

On Aug. 30, a second Clear The Shelters flight carrying dogs and cats rescued from crowded shelters in Louisiana and Alabama will fly to New Jersey. Without these life-saving flights, many of these shelter pets would be at risk for euthanasia.

A cute Clear the Shelters flier. Photo: Greater Good Charities

But even after Clear the Shelters 2022 concludes on Aug. 31, our committment to saving at-risk shelter pets won’t be over.

After our Aug. 30 flight departs from New Orleans filled with shelter pets eager for a fresh start in New Jersey, another Greater Good Charities team begin rebuilding a Louisiana shelter that’s become a mainstay of our life-saving flight program.

Rescue Rebuild volunteers rebuilding a fence after tornadoes damaged an animal shelter in Kentucky. Photo: Greater Good Charities

“We were recommended to Acadiana Animal Aid by our Good Flights program, who saw how they were positively affecting their neighboring rural counties by being a transport hub,” said Zach Baker, vice president of Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild program. “Acadiana is doing a lot with a little, and they are a great candidate for a Rescue Rebuild project.”


By investing in Acadiana Animal Aid–which regularly flies adoptable pets to safety on our Flights to Freedom–Rescue Rebuild is supporting a busy shelter that plays a crucial role in rescuing animals across rural Louisiana.

“An investment there will help countless animals from their area and the surrounding rural areas that really need the help,” said Baker. “By supporting a hub shelter, we can amplify our impact and help many other shelters!”


From an aesthetic point of view, the Louisiana shelter’s layout also lends itself well to a Rescue Rebuild redesign by supporting multiple projects that will positively impact dogs, cats, and potential adopters.

Improvements will extend throughout the shelter, which will include a renovated cat wing complete with new flooring, new cat enrichment items, fresh paint, and a new catio. “For the cats especially, stress-related illness is a concern, so giving them places to explore and get fresh air outside makes a big difference in their health and adoptability,” said Baker.


Meanwhile, Acadiana’s dogs will benefit from fully renovated kennels with new kennel doors, new heavy-duty flooring, fencing improvements and repairs, and lots of welcome design elements.

These elements will be reflected throughout the property in the form of new signage, lobby renovations, and a fresh paint job to bring the interior spaces together.

As our projects head further north, we must consider the cold and snow ❄️ We are still making 2 rooms pet-friendly here…

Posted by Rescue Rebuild on Sunday, August 21, 2022

“All of this will mean that adopters will feel more welcomed and will want to spend time with animals in these spaces,” said Baker. “The renovations will also ensure that the animal spaces are easy to keep clean and prevent any illnesses as much as possible. Healthy animals are happy animals!”

Of course, Rescue Rebuild can’t do all this good without support from our GreaterGood family! Can you spare $10 to help us rebuild an animal shelter in rural Louisiana? Everything you give will help support this critical project and improve animals’ lives across the state.

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