83-Year-Old Abused Parrot Is Now Thriving in His Forever Home

They sometimes say that age is just a number, but there are also times when we see it in action. Such is the case for Koko, an 83-year-old parrot.

Ash and Linda adopted Koko about seven years ago from friends. They had adopted the bird from an animal sanctuary after he was brought in by what they describe as ‘animal police.’

Screenshot: YouTube / Cuddle Buddies

Unfortunately, this beautiful bird was abused by his former owners. They would hit him in his pen, so he was frightened and aggressive toward Ash when they first brought him home.

Koko Starts to Adjust

It didn’t take long for Koko to get comfortable in his new surroundings, so Linda decided she wanted to give him ‘the best year of his life.’

Unfortunately, Koko had some health issues, including problems with his sight and hearing. They took him to the vet and found out he had many infections and was probably suffering from headaches.

To treat the infections and other difficulties, the vet recommended that they remove one eye. Ash and Linda were concerned that he wouldn’t survive the anesthesia, but they wanted him to live comfortably.

They went ahead with the operation, and it was a success. Within days, they started noticing a new bird in their home.

Screenshot: YouTube / Cuddle Buddies

These days, Koko is very busy and will often play for hours. Since he is blind in one eye, however, they have to avoid moving anything in his pen, but he does quite well.

Let the Parrot Spoiling Begin

Koko also met another parrot, as Ash and Linda take care of several birds. That other parrot, Chico, quickly became best friends with Koko.

Although Ash and Linda have other birds, they always spoil Koko more than the others. When it comes time to feed them, Koko always gets a little more, and he even has a special spot on the sofa.

Now that they have had Koko in their home for seven years, things just seem to be getting better. He may be 83, but they swear he continues to get younger every day.

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