Abandoned Puppy Follows Couple Across Town to Visit New Forever Home

There are many animal rescues around the world that help abandoned dogs and cats find forever homes. There are also many people who are not organized as animal rescues, but they still save many animals out of love.

Stoyan and Dessy are a young couple in Bulgaria that have a dream of providing homes for many stray cats. They also have a big heart for dogs, and it worked out well for the stray in this story.

Photos: YouTube / PawMeow

In Bulgaria, there are many dogs and cats that are abandoned on the streets. It is common, but those animals suffer every day.

A Puppy Appears

One of those little puppies came up to Stoyan and Dessy when they were waiting outside of the grocery store. It was obvious that he was recently abandoned, and he was very friendly and social.

Photos: YouTube / PawMeow

They wanted to make sure he had a meal, so they left him with a few sausages, but the little puppy had other ideas. He ended up following them across town to their home.

All the way home, he kept looking at them with such a sad look in his eyes. When they arrived at their front door, however, the little puppy was hesitant to enter.

Up until this time in his life, every door had been closed. Little did he know that he was about to get a happy beginning to a forever life.

The Puppy Gets Some Attention

Dessy started preparing food, as the little puppy was very hungry. He was also dirty and needed a bath.

Photos: YouTube / PawMeow

They were surprised by how much water the puppy drank from the shower pan. He must have been very thirsty living on the street.

After giving him a shower, he was wrapped up in a towel and put by the heater to dry. He looked very comfortable in his little bundle.

This little puppy may not be a designer breed, but he has a big heart and deserves to have a happy home. I’m sure that this couple will provide him with everything he needs.

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