Man Finds Abandoned Puppy in the Desert and Just Can’t Say No

If there’s one thing we know about life, it’s the fact that it can change very quickly. What may be normal one day will quickly become abnormal without any warning.

One man, Noah, discovered this when he was traveling through the desert on a trip with his two dogs. They were enjoying time together, traveling in a large Sprinter van, but life was about to change.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

Noah, Milo, and Moose were enjoying the trip, but when they stopped at a gas station, an abandoned puppy came running up to them. Noah could tell that the puppy was sick and was not eating well.

Saying Hello to a New Friend

He petted the little dog for a moment and then went back into the shop to let them know about the dog. They told him that someone had dropped the dog off a couple of weeks ago and he had been hanging out since that time.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

This is when things started to change for the three travelers. Noah knew that he couldn’t take in another dog. He already had two dogs and lived in a small apartment.

He decided to let fate make the choice. He went to the bathroom and said if the dog was still there when he came out, he would consider doing something about it.

Sure enough, when Noah came out of the bathroom, the little dog was there wagging her tail. He opened the van door, and it took some time, but eventually, the little puppy wandered in.

Photos: YouTube / We Love Animals

Noah decided to drop the little dog off at the rescue where he had rescued Moose. It was a drive of a couple of hours, and during that time, he fell head over heels for the new pup.

He Realized He Was In Trouble

He posted pictures on his social media account, and people were begging him to keep the new dog. They said it was fate that they got together, and he was beginning to agree.

That was when he had to cross the next hurdle. Breaking a lease costs a lot of money, but within 16 hours, his followers donated more than what he needed.

That is how Mowgli came into their life. He met the pup on a Monday, arrived in Ohio late on Wednesday, and moved into a new home by Saturday.

The oldest dog, Milo, was not interested in the new addition, but Moose fell in love with her quickly. They cuddle every night.

The Dog Fooled Them All

Noah says that Mowgli tricked all of them. He thought she was a shy, quiet dog, but she is an absolute maniac. She gets the zoomies every day, and he said that it’s like living at a dog park.

In the end, he feels that Mowgli was the final glue that bonded them all together. The funny thing is, they didn’t realize they needed it until she came along.

Watch more about this amazing rescue in the following video. You will even see Mowgli smiling, and it will make your day!

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