Abandoned Puppies Stepped into the Road and Changed 3 Families’ Lives

Our lives can change in an instant. Things may be going fine at one moment and in a heartbeat, they can be completely upside down.

It seems as if that is what happened to three adorable puppies when they were abandoned along the side of the road. It was during a massive rainstorm, but their lives were going to change again, for the better.

When someone saw the puppies playing alongside the road, they realized that they needed help. Fortunately, they were part of Love Furry Friends Rescue, and they knew just how to handle the situation.

Photos: YouTube / Love Furry Friends

They realized that the puppies were abandoned recently because they were friendly and loved interacting with humans. They knew they couldn’t leave them there, so they picked them up and put them in the car.

From their location along the side of the road, they went straight to the veterinarian. They found out that all three boys were about three months old, and one of them had a hernia.

Throughout the entire exam, they just kept wagging their tails. These puppies were so friendly!

After being treated for their problems, including being given pills for worms and fleas, they were taken back home to the rescue.

Photos: YouTube / Love Furry Friends

Their first meal was gone in about one minute. These puppies can really eat, and they absolutely love food.

They also enjoy playing, and there wasn’t a moment when they were sitting still.

The next step was to give them a bath, and they also got their names.

Wolly was the first to get his bath, and he did well. Casper was next, and although he wanted to play, he was a good boy during the bath as well. Jerry came next, and just like his brothers, he got a good bath.

It wasn’t long before they made friends with the other dogs in the home, including Stacy, who became their surrogate nanny.

Even though Stacy doesn’t have milk, the puppies instinctively tried to nurse, and it is fun to watch them rushing in to try. Stacy was such a good girl!

After an adoption shoot and some cute pictures that were shared on social media, they were able to find forever homes.

Wolly found his home first, a forever home with a new cat friend.

Jerry is absolutely loving his big animal family, with plenty of other cats and dogs. He even has some chickens, and he gets to sleep with his dad.

Casper found love in a forever home with a young couple that shows him all of the TLC he needs.

I love it when a story has a happy ending!

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