Abandoned Husky Cries on the Street for Help in Ukraine Until Someone Steps Forward

A beautiful husky girl living in Ukraine was recently spotted tied to a pole in front of a cafe. There was no note, no food, no water, and no supplies left with her, and she’d been tied up since early morning before one of the cafe workers finally reached out to Love Furry Friends Rescue for help.

It was getting late in the day, and the dog had been crying for hours, likely wondering when her person would return for her. In a video of the situation, you can see people just walk past her and ignore her desperate pleas. While the breed is known for its expressive dramatics, that’s when the worker decided it was time to call someone to come and rescue the frantic girl with the pitiful yelp.

adoptable husky
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Animal Rescue Ukraine

She looked to be in pretty good shape, and listened well to commands, so she had obviously been cared for and at one time loved. To be on the safe side, @lovefurryfriends took her to a veterinarian where they did a check-up. Because there was no microchip and the animal hadn’t been fixed, they got her set up with vaccines, a spay procedure, and had her chipped for good measure.

Giving her the name Yukki, she also had a spa day where she was pampered with plenty of kisses and hugs, but she also got a good brushing and a thorough bath. Looking like a million bucks after her luxury visit, the not-quite 6-year-old dog was taken home and fed a hearty meal, as well as receiving some chew treats to keep her busy.

adoptable husky
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Adopting Animals Saves Lives

Her rescuers point out that she is incredibly well-behaved and loves to go for walks in the park, where she strains at her leash to chase the birds and smell all the smells and see all the sights. Not long afterward, she was taken to a frilly photoshoot for some super fun pix to share in the hope that she will be adopted soon.

Love Furry Friends Rescue regularly rescues animals off the streets — usually in much worse condition than this. If you’d like to support them, they can always use help. For anyone interested in Yukki, watch the bittersweet video below. She will absolutely melt your heart!

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