6 Great Ways for Spoiling Your Cat

Some folks are cat people, and others are dog people. If you’re a cat person, then you probably enjoy spoiling your putty tat from time to time. And why shouldn’t you? Your felines deserve to be pampered. Taking into consideration that cats sleep up to 15 hours a day, some of the best ways to show love for your Rip Van Winkle is by providing them with comfy napping spots. With that in mind, here are six great ideas for showing your cat just how much you care.

cat bed
Photo: Pixabay/18986

1. Pocket Beds for Pets

According to the Sleep Foundation, cat naps average 78 minutes in length. When it comes to these naps, they’re not particularly picky where they curl up, unless it’s cold. Then you might find them napping on your TV’s cable box or blue ray player if you have one. But cats love crawling into things and hiding, so something like a pocket bed would be ideal for them. Some of them look like flattened pita pockets filled with fleece rather than sprouts. This gives them the chance to do some burrowing, which is another favorite pastime.

cat on window shelf
Photo: The Animal Rescue Site Store

2. Shelves

Another favorite thing for cats to do is sightsee out the windows to watch the birds, lizards, and whatever other critters that might live in your area. If you don’t have a windowsill for them to perch or stretch out on, do them a favor and install a shelf where they’ll have a prime view of your yard. You can purchase them ready-made, leaving nothing more to do than screw the brackets to the wall. Providing them with hours of fun each day, your cat will thank you for this.

cat hammock
Photo: Pixabay/MissKaiser

3. Cat Hammock

Additional ideas for sightseeing opportunities is to get them a window hammock. Some attach to broad windowsills, and others directly to the window itself. These are usually connected through multiple suction cups, so if you have a tubby kitty, you’ll need to put some thought into how to attach it with safety in mind or whether you should choose a different model. They also come on traditional stands you can place anywhere.

Photo: Pixabay/rebeck96

4. Catnip Plant

Not all cats respond to dried catnip, but very few of them don’t enjoy an actual plant. If your cat is allowed outdoors, plant it somewhere far enough from your flowerbeds that they don’t end up rolling in them and destroying the blooms. For indoor cats, use a pot with a broad base so it doesn’t easily tip, and place it on a large mat or rug you can shake out because they’ll make a mess of things while they’re enjoying it.

cat tower
Photo: Pixabay/nu_tuna

5. Perches

Sitting up high and surveying their domain is something all felines like to do. It harkens back to their wild ancestors, but domesticated kitties enjoy it for some of the very same reasons. A tall cat tower or even an old wooden ladder wrapped in sisal from top to bottom will do just fine. The ladders make terrific scratching posts, but using an aluminum ladder might be too lightweight for jumping on and off of.

cat on chaise lounge
Photo: Pixabay/photosforyou

6. Chaise Lounge

You can always go overboard and get your favorite feline its very own chaise lounge, also known as fainting couches. Besides the fact that it would make one heck of a conversation piece, it’ll give your little princess the royal treatment. Just google “cat sized chaise lounge,” and dozens of options will pop up.

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