Over 6 Million Meals Will Be Delivered To Shelter Pets, Thanks To Your Support

We asked for your help to feed hungry shelter pets across the country, and you stepped up in a big way – so thank you!

The rising cost of pet food has taken a toll on pet owners and animal shelters. Animal shelters are seeing an influx in animals due to inflation and are struggling to feed all the dogs and cats in their care.

They are also seeing a decrease in adopters, which has resulted in overcrowded shelters. Shelters and rescues are facing challenging times and we wanted to lend a helping hand by donating nutritious pet food through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program.

Photo: Pexels

The goal for this year’s National Feed A Rescue Pet Week was to send 3 million meals to shelter pets, but with your generous support and matched donations from Zesty Paws® and Solid Gold® (pet brands within H&H Group and supported by the H&H Foundation) we are donating over 6 million meals!

The donated pet food will allow rescues and shelters to feed all the animals in their care and use the saved money to help even more homeless animals.

Photo: The Underdogs Rescue

Your donation will help save the lives of pets like Gidget and Curley who arrived emaciated and in need of medical care. They are on the road to recovery and are getting a second chance thanks to your support.

Photo: Cats in the Cradle

The dogs and cats send their love, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Together we CAN change the world!

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