Reddit Users Predict the Future in 50 Years by Sharing Something They’d Feel Nostalgic About

Talking about the future is undoubtedly an exciting and interesting topic. Imaginations are tested every time the conversation centers on it. Some expectations are likely to happen, while others are far from possibility. It’s intriguing to know what the world will look like in the hereafter. The year people are in now has been predicted before. However, many predictions didn’t come true, such as flying cars. No one could ever accurately foresee the upcoming future; that’s why it’s fun to imagine. Books, films, and television shows have shared their interpretation of the coming years — still, it’s a huge enigma.

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As years add up, it’s inevitable that there are things that will likely disappear 50 years from now. Everything evolves, and modern technology is immensely improving. The Earth is also experiencing particular changes that negatively impact society. Some trends, items, social practices, etc., will disappear, which can only bring people nostalgia. Those things might be developed into something better or replaced by another invention.

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Reddit users have shared their thoughts about possible scenarios in 50 years. The discussion, started by klausbrusselssprouts, has already gained 40.8k upvotes and 27.6k responses. People were so intrigued with each other’s answers that a long conversation thread was created. They all have exciting answers that combine sadness, regret, and happy recollections. Imagine yourself 50 years from now. Would these answers make you feel nostalgic?

There Will Be Subscriptions Everywhere

Almost everything advises you to subscribe to their service, from food subscriptions to streaming sites. JohnnyNumbskull’s answer received 23.6k upvotes since many people relate to it. People might see themselves reminiscing about the days when they could fully own their belongings. OuterLives even joked about paying a subscription for a liver — the reply reached 5k upvotes. It was a funny thread of responses, but in truth, subscriptions are becoming more and more of a norm these days — what more in the far future?

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Fresh Water

This answer was more on the serious side compared to the first comment. “Easily accessible fresh water,” Unhappy-Nail-9281 wrote. It is true in every sense. The Earth is in such a terrible condition that people don’t know if fresh water will still be accessible. Anticipating what would be left of the world’s natural resources is difficult. It’s terribly sad that even fresh water might only be part of what was there, and you’d reminisce about it.

Movies Made 30 Years from Now

Films have been a massive part of society, and the remarkable ones will be happy memories from the past. The younger generation might have access to those movies and watch them. Seeing them get hooked on such films will make you reminiscent — remembering the first time you watched it and how you felt about it. “Movies made 30 years from now. Nostalgia always runs in 20 year cycles,” Rekthor wrote this comment which has gained 12.4k upvotes. People also replied to the comment about movies that might get rebooted in 50 years.

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Hotels and apartments are gradually replacing keys with smart locks that require a password to be given access. Sometimes you need a key card to open the door. Who knows if it can happen to vehicle keys as well? People would be nostalgic about not losing their car keys, having trouble starting the engine, and so forth. UpMain’s answer was upvoted by 10.4k Reddit users. The comment has made the other users reply about the pros and cons of replacing car keys with buttons or any advanced features.

You’d have fun reading the whole Reddit discussion. Amidst reading, an idea might come up, and you’ll find yourself starting a conversation with the other Redditors. If you already have something in mind, you better bring that thought to Reddit. Future readers might find your answer relatable. Different ideas and opinions from others always make the discussion engaging and worth reading.

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