Dentists Fits Paitent With “3 Front Teeth” To Hide Gaping Hole

Growing up, going to the dentist was one of my least favorite activities (truth be told, it still is). It wasn’t until I got older that I began to recognize dentistry for the art that it really is.

Each mouth is so unique and dentists have to work to create solutions to meet their patients where they’re at. One dentist came up with a rather unusual solution to her patient’s large gap. Instead of letting her patient walk away with the gap, the dentist fitted her with a third front tooth!

Photo: TikTok/@laylamuntas

Layla Muntas took to TikTok to share about the experience, asking, “Why did my dentist think three front teeth was a pretty look?”

“Fake tooth between my two front teeth until I get ma fakin braces,” she wrote in the caption, explaining that it’s a temporary tooth to cover the gap between her front teeth.

Photo: TikTok/@laylamuntas

Layla explained on TikTok that her dentist actually created the gap between her teeth to make way for braces. Of course, most people wouldn’t want to walk around with such a large gap in their front teeth so her dentist fitted her with a special “third” front tooth.

@laylamuntas Fake tooth in between my 2 front teeth until I get ma fakin braces🤪 #fyp #braces #jawsurgery #uk ♬ original sound – Aung

While some people might be embarrassed to have such a massive gap in their smile, Layla is taking the temporary gap in stride.

She even started a fun series where she sees all the things she can fit through the gap, ranging from AirPods to sunglasses!

@laylamuntas My new gap is my new personality #fyp ♬ Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I
@laylamuntas Forgot about this draft but I miss my gap😭 #fyp #foryou ♬ Tubarão Te Amo – DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP
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