You Can Help Shelters Tackle Some Challenges This Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend. The matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles is bound to provide some excitement, but for many people, gathering for food with friends and loved ones is a bigger highlight. This year, GreaterGood is trying to make sure our furry friends have plenty to eat, too, and we could use your help.

Each year, Greater Good Charities (GGC) puts on the Shelter Bowl – now in its 8th year – to provide nutritious meals for pets awaiting their forever homes in rescues. It’s part of GGC’s GOODS program. The idea is that animal lovers can take some of the money they would have spent on the Big Game and put it toward shelter pets.


According to the National Retail Federation, in 2022, the average Super Bowl party planner spent $79 per person on food, drinks, and other related items for the game. During this year’s Shelter Bowl, that money could cover the cost of more than 1,500 meals for rescue pets.

Through Super Bowl Sunday, we’re hoping to raise $150,000 for the cause, which would provide 3 million meals for shelter animals in need. As food is the biggest expense for shelters, that will allow them to take a breather and focus more on the welfare of their pets. If you decide to help, your contributions will also be matched, up to $50,000!

Donations will help animals like Stripes, who was cared for by Faerie Tales Cat Rescue. Stripes and her brother were born in a home with a cat-aggressive dog, which caused their owners to keep them in a guinea pig cage much too small for them, especially as they grew. They were only getting an hour a day to stretch their legs while the dog was outside. Fortunately, their owner realized this wasn’t the best way for them to live and reached out to get them a new home. However, months of neglect had done its damage to the then 5-month-old kittens.


Faerie Tales Cat Rescue says, “After five months with an eye infection, Stripes’ eye was literally bulging out of her head. The kittens had never seen a veterinarian or provided any routine kitten vaccinations. We immediately scheduled their veterinary care; Stripes’ eye was beyond saving and needed to be removed.”

The surgery didn’t end Stripes’ troubles, though. She became aggressive, biting and swatting at her foster. It took about a year before the comfort and patience of her foster helped ease her anxiety and aggression. Then, this sweet girl was adopted by a family with four children and several other pets, who love her and are loved back.


The rescue says that the GOODS program “allows us to provide food and care to the kitties in our care. Many of these cats and kittens are with us for a considerable length of time while they heal from their physical and emotional scars.”

Another pet who needed some help healing from physical scars was Montana, rescued by The Little Red Dog. Montana was found wandering the streets and suffering from a severe skin infection. His fur was falling out, making it hard to recognize him as the Golden Retriever he is. However, despite what his life had been so far, he was still a gentle and sweet boy.


Once he was taken in, food, medicated baths, and love from the rescue helped him heal up and give him some peace. Now, he’s nearly gotten all his fur back and is living in his forever home.

The Little Red Dog says that due to the contributions from the GOODS program, “we have been able to provide healthy food for many medical rescue dogs, including Montana. Food donations allow our team to pour all of our energy and focus into the welfare of our medical rescues instead of worrying where the next donation will come from.”


If you’d like to rush to the aid of shelter pets and help tackle this important issue, consider making a donation to the 2023 Shelter Bowl!

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