Adorable Military Kid Madison Mendoza Is the 2023 Gerber Baby

It has been almost a century since the first Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, was given that honor in 1928. Since that time, she has welcomed each new Gerber baby.

Unfortunately, Ann Turner Cook passed away last year, but Gerber is moving forward. They recently revealed the 2023 winner in an emotional announcement from the president and CEO of Gerber, Tarun Malkani.

Photos: YouTube / TODAY

The new Gerber baby is Madison Mendoza. Her official role is that of ‘Gerber’s Chief Growing Officer.’

Representing Parents In The Military

As the child of a father in the Air Force who serves as a doctor and Lieutenant colonel, she will represent military families in her new role as the Gerber baby. Her parents, Jun and Crystal Mendoza are proud of their daughter.

In that announcement, Malkani was emotional when he admitted that announcing the winner is the best part of his job.

He went on to say: “All babies are perfect, we know that, but I think Maddie really captured our hearts. We’re super proud to have her represent us.”

Madison has been a fighter since she was first born. She was provided with supplemental oxygen shortly after birth, but when she was done using it, she pulled out her own tubes and was breathing fine on her own.

A Girl With A Strong Spirit

Her father said that the experience with her oxygen tubes aligns with her ‘adventurous, independent spirit.’

Photos: YouTube / TODAY

Parents were more involved this year in the selection of the new Gerber baby. Gerber wanted pictures of both the baby and the parents when they were babies.

Madison is the spitting image of her mother, so much so that even her grandmother couldn’t tell the difference when she was shown the pictures.

Madison is more than just a Gerber baby, she will also be provided with Gerber clothing, $25,000, and a year’s supply of Gerber products.

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