20 Strangers Help Lost Dog Found 2000 Miles From Home

One of the most difficult issues that a pet owner would ever have to go through is when their animal disappears. In many cases, they aren’t gone for very long before they are back home again but sometimes, they disappear and are gone for a very long time.

It can be a very frightening experience. At first, we put up signs and comb the neighborhood to try to find them but eventually, our hope begins to fade. In the back of our minds, we hope that they are doing well and return but there is only so much we can do at that point.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Every once in a while, however, we hear about a dog that disappears and eventually is returned to its owners after a very interesting and lengthy ordeal. It seems as if that is what happened with Jake, who was missing for an entire year.

Jake may have been missing for a long time, but eventually, he was able to find his way home to Arizona and his owners, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Amazingly, Jake was found but he wasn’t found in his local area. Although he disappeared in Arizona, he was found in Pennsylvania, some 2000 miles away!

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

According to Inside Edition, when Adam Herbaugh was walking his own dog, he saw another dog out on the street. He took the dog back home, knowing that he was lost and they were able to scan him for a microchip. That is when they discovered that he was not only microchipped, he was from all the way across America!

They called the number listed on the microchip and the previous owners were amazed that he was found. They were looking forward to having their dog back home again but unfortunately, they weren’t able to travel across the country to get him.

That is when the Darrah Bully Rescue Group got involved. They organized people from across the United States to participate in the relay that would get Jake back home again. Each of the drivers would have to travel some 100 miles and Jake would get handed off to the next driver. Eventually, he would be at home in Arizona again.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

20 volunteers stepped up to the plate to do it and it happened very quickly. It still took a few days and three people had to keep Jake overnight but eventually, they were able to travel across nine different states and 30 stops before Jake was back home again.

You can see the rescue for yourself in this amazing video:

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