Family Dumped Their 19 Year Old Dog At A Shelter, Now She’s Living Out A Bucket List

Dogs are 10 to 15 year commitments and become part of our family. They have so much love to give and should be loved until the end of their lives.

Sadly, Annie’s family decided to surrender her to a shelter when she could no longer walk or eat. She is 19 years old and at the end of her life, yet they chose to give up on her.

When Lauren Siler saw Annie’s sweet little sad face sitting in her kennel in a picture that was posted on Instagram by the shelter, she knew she had to help.

Photo: YouTube/WFAA

When Siler acquired about Annie, she learned that she had been taken in by a rescue but was still in need of a foster home.

Without hesitation, Siler checked with her roommate, Lisa, to make sure it was ok to bring a dog home, and she immediately went to pick her up.

Since Annie is 19 years old and not in the best of health, they know her time on Earth is coming to an end. Because of this, this foster situation will be Annie’s permanent home for her final days.

Photo: YouTube/WFAA

Lauren and Lisa decided to start a bucket list for Annie so that she could enjoy her time left.

So far, Annie has enjoyed hamburgers from In-N-Out and Whataburger, celebrated at a birthday party, and had a professional photoshoot done.

She also celebrated Christmas in July and Valentine’s Day in August, and was showered with cards and gifts from people all over the world who became her biggest fans on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/dallasanimalfoster

Doctors initially gave Annie one month to live, but four months later, she is still enjoying life. She will continue getting showered with love and checking items off her bucket list.

Lauren and Lisa hope Annie’s story will encourage others to rescue, adopt, or foster senior dogs.

Click here to follow along with Annie’s bucket list adventures, and watch more of her story in the video below:

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