18ft Python Breaks Into Family Home In The UK

A family in the UK had a shocking wake-up call when a massive python slithered into their home in the early hours of the day.

According to the BBC, the 18ft albino Burmese python was first spotted by Jenny Warwick around 5:15am on Tuesday, August 23.

Warwick saw the massive reptile slithering across her neighbor’s roof but it took her a few minutes to realize what it was.

Photo: YouTube/Mark 1333

The snake eventually broke into the neighbor’s house by slithering through a window. We can only imagine how startling it’d be to find an 18ft-long, 80+ pound snake in your home, especially so early in the morning!

When the homeowners discovered the snake, they used a broom to poke it out the upstairs window and it fell 20ft down onto the hood of a Hyundai that was parked outside.

BBC reports that another neighbor, Linda Elmer, was woken up during the commotion as people assumed the snake was hers.

Photo: YouTube/Mark 1333

Elmer had owned a python in the past and though this one didn’t belong to her, she did recognize the massive reptile and knew who the owner was.

She said, “He’s beautiful and Burmese are very docile. They’re not aggressive snakes anyway and I had one myself so I was comfortable picking him up.” Understandably, no one else was comfortable helping Elmer carry the python so she had to drag the massive snake down the road alone to find the owner.

Photo: YouTube/Mark 1333

Snakes are master escape artists and they typically break loose during the hot summer months. In a report from the RSPCA, Scientific Officer Evie Button explained:

“Snakes are excellent escape artists and will take the opportunity of a gap in an enclosure door, or a loose-fitting lid to make a break for it. Last year, we took over 1,200 reports about snakes, with the highest number of calls coming in during the summer months. This is not surprising, as snakes become more active during hot weather. So we would urge all pet snake owners to be extra vigilant at this time of year, invest in an enclosure suitable for the particular species and make sure that the enclosure is kept secure – and locked if necessary – when unattended.”

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