13-Year-Old Graduates College With A Degree In Cybersecurity And Computer Science

Many people follow the same path through school, spending 12 years in primary school, graduating, and then moving on to college.

Elijah Muhammad decided to take a different route. Although he is only 13 years old, he has already graduated with a college degree from Oklahoma City Community College.

Elijah decided to forgo middle school with others his age. He went to the community college and had a 3.8 grade point average when he graduated with a degree in computer science and cybersecurity.

As Elijah’s dad shared on Facebook, that associate’s degree made Elijah the youngest person to ever graduate from Oklahoma City Community College. Incidentally, it only took him nine months to complete the two-year degree.

Photo: Facebook/Elijah Muhammad

Sounds like Elijah is an overachiever!

In order to fast-track the graduation, Elijah took 37 credit hours in one semester. His father, who also has the same name, spoke to the Oklahoman, saying they did not initially intend for him to take that many hours. He just kept “knocking the classes out” saying that he was done and bored.

Photo: Facebook/Elijah Muhammad

If that wasn’t enough, the young lad has also earned three college mastery diplomas and a number of computer science certifications. He is working on his bachelor’s degree at this time at Oklahoma State University, majoring in forensics and cybersecurity.

Elijah was even able to share the stage during graduation with his 19-year-old brother, who is also named Elijah.

Photo: Facebook/Elijah Muhammad

When speaking with Good Morning America, Elijah said that his dad had a homeschool program that accelerated learning toward things that were interesting to you. He said: “Since I was interested in cybersecurity, it accelerated me in that and I was able to go to college early.”

His sister, Shania, is 15 years old and has followed a similar path. She has earned two Associates degrees from two schools and has already completed her bachelor of arts degree from Langston University.

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