104-Year-Old Woman Credits Her Long Long To A Love Of Beer

When someone lives to be the age of 100, they are in a special class of people. They have gained a considerable amount of wisdom over the years, and they are sometimes called on to share it.

One of the questions that is often asked of centurions is: “What did you do to live such a long life?”

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That question was asked of 104-year-old Antionette Inserra, a resident of New York. She replied that eating a balanced diet was at the forefront of her health and long life.

That, and her love of beer.

When speaking with Today, she admitted, “I love my beer.”

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Her daughter, Phyllis Scotto, also chimed in on the subject, calling her mother’s love of beer her secret. She also said that her mother was always ready to put on her makeup and go out. Those things kept her mom young.

Inserra agreed, saying that she is happy going out with her daughter. She takes her walker and it is “enough for me,” she said.

As far as her diet is concerned, it isn’t probably what you would expect. She eats soft-shell crab and pepperoni on a regular basis. Iserra also enjoys eating some veggies, especially spinach.

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In her later years, she has surprised the family many times. This includes surviving the pandemic, despite having COVID twice. She also lived long enough to see her grandson welcome his first child into the world. That makes four children, eight grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren for those who are counting, according to Today.

Inserra was married to Vincent in 1944. They enjoyed gambling and shopping, but Vincent wasn’t as long-lived. He passed away at age 68.

Despite the loss, Inserra maintains a positive attitude. She lets the bad things go and does what she can. She also said: “I just say look nice and make nice friends. Be nice to them, and you’ll have good friends.” That is a true nugget of wisdom worth holding onto.

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