Meet The 103-Year-Old Woman Taking California Gyms By Storm

When we are young, we are told how important it is to exercise and eat the right foods. Some of us follow that advice, and others don’t.

As far as Teresa Moore is concerned, there is nothing quite like taking care of yourself. She has been doing it for a lot longer than most people because she is 103 years old.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

According to Fox 11 News, Moore, who lives in Camarillo, California, visits the gym regularly. She will go three or four times weekly, and when she arrives, she is ready to go.

Not only does she get a good workout, but she also looks good while she is doing it. She always has her makeup on and wears plenty of jewelry.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

When you see Teresa at the gym, you can typically find her on the treadmill or using one of the exercise machines. It’s her way to get some energy, but her daughter thinks it also has to do with her love of adventure.

Her daughter, Sheila Moore, told Fox 11 News that she meets friends at the gym, and she considers her mother to be a curious person.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Teresa left Italy in 1946. She had married her husband, who was in the military, and they traveled together until they settled in California.

At first, she loved seeing the world and her natural curiosity motivated her to see more. These days, she still has the opportunity to explore, but she does so in the gym.

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