102-Year-Old Husband Surprises Sick Wife With Flowers At The Hospital

There’s something special about a couple’s devotion in old age. Love is fickle, but determination and grit can get a couple through life’s ups and downs in some cases.

Being together for 50-70+ years is really an accomplishment, and not one many people can boast.

Photo: Twitter/@GoodNewsMVT

For one couple, their love has extended beyond health and wellness and into old age. Despite the challenges of growing old, the husband hasn’t lost his thoughtful touch.

A video captured the moment a devoted husband put in the effort to surprise his sick wife with flowers while she was in the hospital.

Photo: Twitter/@GoodNewsMVT

The Good News Movement run by journalist Michelle Figueroa shared the touching video on Twitter.

The clip was captioned, “102-year-old husband brings flowers to the love of his life who is in the hospital.”

Photo: Twitter/@GoodNewsMVT

In the video, you can see the senior man being escorted with help to where his frail wife is sitting. He has a single flower in his hand that he carefully hands to wife with a kiss.

You can see the touching moment for yourself in the video below:

While we don’t know much about the couple in the video, I think it’s safe to say that their relationship is one many hope to emulate.

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